Grandmasters Deck Lists - Week 7

Grandmasters Deck Lists - Week 7

Today we are bringing you the decklists of the winners of our highlighted matches from our Grandmasters Week 7 Preview post. So if you still need to watch those games, stop reading now and go do that first, because spoilers are ahead!

The regular season has concluded and most groups were tightly contested until the very end. We now know which 4 players from each region have advanced to the playoff portion, as well as which player will be relegated and replaced in each group for next season.

Here are this week's deck lists, with a little information about how the games went down.

Monsanto's Decklists

Amnesiac protected his Warrior deck while Monsanto shielded his Combo Priest. Both players had their Druid deck banned.

After dropping Game 1 to Warrior, Monsanto was able to pick up wins with his Shaman and Priest decks to take the series 2-1. A strong showing from Monsanto over the weekend cemented his spot in the playoffs next week.

The VOD of this match up.

Rdu's Deck Lists

With both players protecting their Priest decks, Kolento and Rdu had Shaman and Warrior banned respectively.

Fighting for his chance to make the playoffs, Rdu won with his Shaman and Priest to take the series 2-1. He finished just out of playoff contention in 5th place.

The VOD of this match up.

che0nsu's Deck Lists

With both Warrior decks being shielded, each player banned their opponent's Quest Druid.

SamuelTsao and che0nsu traded wins with their Warriors before che0nsu took the upper hand and won the series 2-1 in a Priest mirror.

The VOD of this match up.

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