Blizzcon Virtual Ticket - Including Mysterious Golden Legendary!




Blizzcon Virtual Ticket

It's Blizzcon again in about a month, on Friday and Saturday, November 1st and 2nd, and that means the Virtual Ticket and it's digital goodies have gone on sale. It's the same deal as usual, lots of Digital Goodies for your favourite Blizzard Games & Access to the Blizzcon viewing experience of all the Panels, including bonus Panels!

The Hearthstone specific goodies appear to be a Golden Legendary, to be revealed at Blizzcon, as well as a commemorative Card Back.

Other goodies include Overwatch Skins, WoW Faction specific Murloc pets and a Wendingo Woolie Transmog Outfit, SC2 skins, Heroes of the Storm Mount, and a pair of Diablo Wings.

Virtual Ticket Details:

  • Contains Access to the Blizzcon Viewing experience
  • Contains 1 Golden Legendary card revealed at Blizzcon.
  • Contains a special Blizzcon 2019 Card Back
  • Contains goodies for other games
  • Once per account
  • €39.99 EUR / $49.99 USD

You can buy it on the Store here

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