Tombs of Terror Guide Announcement

Tombs of Terror Guide Announcement

Tombs of Terror releases next Tuesday and we created a guide with everything you need to know!

In fact, we created several guides. One main guide that we kept spoiler free of any hints about Encounter Strategies, that has links to 4 more guides for each separate Chapter in the adventure.

Those Chapter Guides do contain spoilers, about Plague Lord and Encounter Hero Powers, as well as Encounter tactics (once the Adventure is playable and we can find out those tactics).

As to the 5th Chapter, the Finale? That's coming soon too, as soon as Blizzard has released some more information about it publicly.

So, what is in the Guide(s)?

  • Release Dates and Costs.
  • A summarized overview of the Adventure.
  • Rewards and Card Backs.
  • A story summary.
  • Datamined info about all 4 playable Heroes, including their Treasures, Hero Powers and their options for Starting Decks!
  • Datamined info about all 4 revealed Plague Lords.
  • Datamined info about the Twists that each Chapter will have active.
  • Datamined info about the Anomalies that you can activate on later Tombs of Terror Playthroughs.
  • Links to last week's datamining posts, with everything we found not listed above (including info about all 78 bosses and every non-Hero specific treasure).
  • Soon™ will also have Encounter Tactics to all 78 Encounters!

Sounds interesting? You can find the guide HERE or by clicking the banner below!

Good luck and have fun in Tombs of Terror!

Tombs of Terror Strategy Guide



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