Tombs of Terror Datamining - Explorer Treasures And More

Spoilers ahead!

Datamined info is not guaranteed to be in the game or accurately represented here. Some things may be work-in-progress and changes can still occur!

Our devs snooped around the patch data and found a ton of interesting stuff there. Here are our best guesses as to what Treasures the 4 Explorers League Heroes in Tombs of Terror can unlock and play with, as well as some of the cards we found related to Bob's Tavern, AND every other uncategorized treasure!

Of note on the Explorer's treasures: Every Explorer seems to have a minion that comes in Jr. and Sr. versions. From our understanding of these minion's flavor text, you have to defeat 1 or possibly all 4 Plague Lords for these minions to upgrade from Junior to Senior. That change comes with a nice power boost, so definitely worth it. There is also what appears to be a Neutral version of these minions, which we have given their own header.

Be sure to also check out the Tombs of Terror Plague Lords, Bosses, and more in our continued coverage!

Reno Treasures


Sir Finley Treasures


Elise Treasures


Brann Treasures


Upgraded Minion

Bob's Tavern



Neutral & Unknown


















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