The League of Explorers: Revived! is This Week's Tavern Brawl! With Guide & Tips!

This week's brawl is The League of Explorers: Revived!


The League has scattered across the globe. Join Elise in a dungeon crawl to find and reunite the League!


  • 1x Classic Card Pack for participating in the Tavern Brawl
  • Participate in the Tavern Brawl to complete a Legendary Quest rewarding 1 Saviors of Uldum Card Pack.

Strategy for the Brawls:

Like any other Dungeon Run, you are somewhat reliant on having the breaks go your way, either in offered treasures, in offered cards or in normal RNG in the games. There's enough built in power in the cards and the treasures that you can withstand RNG not going your way a few times.

A general tip: Be very aware of the Boss' Hero Power. It's what dictates these fights by a large degree. Figure out how to work around the Hero Power and you will likely succeed.

More specific tip: I found that the combination of Addled Grizzly & Dreamway Guardians is pretty potent, especially early on in this Brawl. If you are able to Blessing of the Ancients that works well too.

First Boss: Terraviss

The Boss will summon random weapons when it uses its Hero Power, so make sure to check what the weapon does when he gets a new one.

The rest here is fairly straight forward. Your deck is better than his deck, so just make sure to make smart plays and you will win.

Second Boss: Sir Finley

This is probably the most tricky fight. It's the one I had most trouble with at least and I had to grind it out till I was nearly out of cards.

The trick at first is to not play your low cost minions and have them die. Save them, and use your Hero Power to grind down 1 of the sand piles and build up some armor. I did this out of necessity since I got no playable cards till turn 5, but it worked out very well.

Once you hit turn 4 or 5 and have the ability to start putting bigger minions on the board, start killing sand piles. You will need some luck, but you will notice that often enough a sand pile will turn into a Scarab Egg which you can totally ignore. The boss' Hero Power will kill it and the Scarabs that come out.

The rest is a grind. Use the heals in your deck to keep your higher attack minions on the board, despite the constant pinging of the Boss' Hero Power. Use your higher attack minions to kill sand piles and then get a little damage in with your Hero Power or your remaining minions. It is unlikely that you will be able to kill this boss quickly, so prepare to play the long game.

It will be obvious from comments around the internet, but you will need some luck with the spawns from the sand piles. I got two 8/8's to deal with, and I don't think I would have won if I had gotten a third. That part you cannot help,

Third Boss: Brann

This fight is not actually a fight against Brann, but a co-op fight where you have to help Brann "tame" King Krush, by defeating it. King Krush is a minion that swaps sides on turn swap and both you and Brann the AI together will need to bring it's 60 health down to zero, while making sure not to die from it's totally random 8 point attack.

The fight is fairly straight forward. Just make sure RNG is on your side by always keeping a few minions on board. King Krush will randomly attack either you or the minions, so leave the minions on board and let King Krush attack into them on his own.

Be smart with your heals, remember that you can heal Brann too if he accidentally gets low. Otherwise this should not be too hard. Brann is smart enough to always use his Hero Power, which summons a random Dino, and smart enough to send some of his minions into King Krush to do damage to him. Just don't try to rush through and leave yourself open to getting whacked in the face too much.

Fourth Boss: Reno

I'll just say it, but Reno is a berk.

He attacks you with his minions and spells (he's basically Medivh, according to him) and you can have a hard time keeping his board clear.

And then there's his Hero Power, which starts with dealing 3 damage to random targets (including both you and Reno), 1 damage at a time. It goes up by 1 damage every turn, so eventually you are dealing with a hero power that deals 12 or more damage at the start of Reno's turn, spread across all targets on the board at 1 damage at a time

I soon realized that with his random Hero Power doing a lot of damage, and with my deck having quite a bit of healing in it and a Hero Power that can give armor, that I was actually in a position to slow play it, and just not take too much damage from what Reno was doing, making sure his board stayed empty as much as I could, and if I could put some damage into him to help him kill himself with his Hero Power, then that was a nice bonus.

This strategy worked to perfection. Eventually his health was below 20, while mine was still over 40, and his board was empty, meaning most of the damage from his Hero Power was going into both our faces. At this point through I had a treasure that did 20 damage across all enemy targets, so I just kill...I mean brought him to his senses.

Fifth Boss: Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

This last boss is quite a pain to deal with, but at this point you have a Highlander deck with Sir Finley of the Sands, Dinotamer Brann AND Reno the Relicologist in it. Who all provide pretty significant power boosts.

You will also have access to 2 treasures + several times have picked up 3 cards to help build your deck. In otherwords, you should have amassed enough power in your deck to slog through the challenge.

The challenge being that Tekahn can get a Lackey with his Hero Power and that every Lackey he plays is automatically a 4/4.

I didn't really have much strategy going into the fight, and not much is needed. You just need to balance dealing with his board with dealing damage to Tekahn himself. Don't get too greedy with going face and ignore his board, but don't get too passive either and trade too much. He has infinite 4/4 Lackeys so you will not win the value game with him if it goes on too long.

Tekahn did not appear to have any board clears in his deck, so I safely built a wide board and made smart trades where I could and hit him in the face enough to get his health down to below 20. Then I was able to play Dinotamer Brann and King Krush him in the face with the rest of my board to finish him.


Don't get too down when RNG screws you over. You get the rewards just by participating, so there's no need to beat this Brawl. It's just for fun.

Hope this helped you and have fun with this small taste of the coming Tombs of Terror adventure!

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