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Tombs of Terror September 17th Launch Details

Today Blizzard announced the details of the Tombs of Terror Adventure in a video, as well as announced the Deluxe Adventure Bundle on the Store.

Summary of the announcement video:

  • Launches September 17th.
  • 4 Chapters and a Finale, which will remain a "delightful mystery".
  • Chapters 1 and 2 unlock on launch, September 17th, chapter 3 unlocks September 24th and chapter 4 & Finale unlock on Oct 1st
  • 4 Heroes to play with, all dual class: Reno, Mage/Rogue. Elise, Druid/Priest. Brann, Hunter/Warrior and Sir Finley, Paladin/Shaman.
  • You will be able to build your deck using BOTH classes.
  • 4 Plague Lord bosses.
  • Each Plague Lord has a huge health pool (as much as 300 health in the video) and they switch phases and hero powers to become even more deadly as you bring their health down.
  • This healthpool stays the same between sessions however, meaning that if you bring a Plague Lord down to 179 health and then die, their starting health will be 179 health when you get back to the fight on your next run!
  • 24 new Signature Treasures, 6 per Hero, that you unlock as you play, with powerful deck defining abilities.

The Deluxe Adventure Bundle:

There's also the the limited time Tombs of Terror Deluxe Adventure Bundle. This Deluxe Bundle does not only give you access to the full adventure and the 16 card packs you can earn through play, it also gives you a Card Back and a Random Saviors of Uldum Legendary.

Summary of the Deluxe Bundle:

  • 15 card packs earned through play.
  • 1 Golden Classic Pack for completing the Adventure.
  • One (1) Random Saviors of Uldum Legendary.
  • A Card Back. (shown below)
  • €19.99 EUR / $19.99 USD

This Deluxe Bundle will be available right now, while the Standard adventure (which does not include the Card Back or the Random SoU Legendary) will be available for €14.99 EUR / $14.99 USD, after the Tombs unlock. Also available for 700 gold or €6.99 EUR / $6.99 USD per Chapter after the first free one, after the Tombs unlock.

You can buy it on the Store here

All gathered adventure info


  • There is going to be a 78 encounters (bosses)
  • 5 big Boss fights


  1. The Lost City of the Tol’vir -> Unlocking Reno Jackson -> Battling against Plague Lord of Murlocs (as a final boss)
  2. The Scorching Dunes -> Unlocking Sir Finley Mrrgglton -> Battling against Plague Lord of Madness (as a final boss)
  3. Khartut’s Tomb -> Unlocking Elise Starseeker -> Battling against Plague Lord of Death (as a final boss)
  4. The Halls of Origination -> Unlocking Brann Bronzebeard -> Battling against Plague Lord of Wrath (as a final boss)
  5. The Finale -> Unknown

Signature treasures:


  1. Reno’s Gatling Wand
  2. Reno's Lucky Hat


  1. Maxwell, Sir Finley’s Mighty Steed

Add to your collection:

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The Rewards for completing the adventure:

The Deluxe Bundle Card Back:

In-game (effect, board):

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The new Tombs of Terror adventure game board:

The Gatling Wand effect:

In-game (menu, wings):

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The first chapter in-game look menu (featuring Plague Lord):

The first chapter in-game look menu (featuring Plague Lord with remaining health):

The Map with the new Wings on it:


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All Reno's Signatures (missing specific info):

The Signature - Reno's Lucky Hat:

The Signature - The Gatling Wand:

Another adventure related images:

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What classes the heroes represents:

Few encounter images:

The Plague Lords:

Bartender Bob, is that you?!:

What's in there!:


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