Masters Tour - Seoul: Final Standings and Decklists

The Masters Tour: Seoul has ended and we have a winner! Congratulations,


 See below for the end results and the Top 8 decklists!

If you haven't secured your two free Saviors of Uldum packs yet, this will be your last chance. Watching the stream for 3 hours earns you one, another 3 hours a second one. Make sure to link your account on Twitch first though! It only counts when the stream is live, not during a rebroadcast.

Stream starts at 6pm PT / 03:00 CET

Rebroadcast of Day 1

Rebroadcast of Day 2

Rebroadcast of Day 3

Rebroadcast of the Final


Top 8 Dual Tournament


RNGLys 2
Sooni 1
Staz 0
Magoho 2
RNGLys 2
Magoho 0



Sooni 2
Staz 0
Magoho 2
Sooni 0

Top 4 Single Elimination


RNGlys 1
Zhym 3
Felkeine 3
Magoho 1
Zhym 1
Felkeine 3


Decklists include secondary and tertiary swaps in their descriptions

If you are looking for some company while watching the tournament, come chat with us on our Discord.



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