Masters Tour: Seoul - Free Packs from Twitch!

Another installment of the Hearthstone Masters Tour takes place this weekend in Seoul. This is tour stop number 2, with Dog defeating Gallon in the finals of Masters Tour: Las Vegas in June. Over 350 players are invited to Seoul to participate for their chance to take home part of the $500,000 prize pool.  The event spans 3 days and has a stacked field with many of your favorite pros and streamers.  This is the first mainstream tournament since the release of Saviors of Uldum, so it will be interesting to see how the meta evolves.

Twitch Drops Return!

With Twitch drops once again active, viewers can earn themselves two Saviors of Uldum packs and have a chance at winning a Classic pack each hour.

Tuning in for 3 total hours will grant you your 1st Saviors of Uldum pack.  You'll receive a second when you reach 6 total hours.  Additionally, 1500 viewers will be picked each hour to win a Classic pack.  Make sure you link your account through the settings menu on Twitch prior to watching!

Rewards can be obtained during the following time frames:

  • Between 6pm PT, August 15 and 3am PT, August 16
  • Between 6pm PT, August 16 and 3am PT, August 17
  • Between 6pm PT, August 17 and 3am PT, August 18

Tournament Format

  • Day 1: Seven rounds of Swiss.
  • Day 2: All players with 4 or more matches won will compete in 5 more rounds of Swiss, with the top 8 advancing to intial rounds of two dual-tournament format groups.
  • Day 3: The top 8 return to complete the tournament.

All matches will be best of three under the guidelines of the Specialist Format, with the exception of the Semifinals and Finals which will be best of five.


Notable Players

 - Alutemu  - Amnesiac  - blitzchung
 - bloodyface  - BoarControl  - bozzzton
 - Bunnyhoppor  - Casie  - che0nsu
 - DawN  - Eddie  - ETC
 - Fenomeno  - Gallon  - Flurry
 - Fr0zen  - FroStee  - glory
 - Hunterace  - Jarla  - justsaiyan
 - Kolento  - Monsanto  - muzzy
 - Nalguidan  - Orange  - Roger
 - Pavel  - PNC  - killinallday
 - Rase  - Rdu  - SamuelTsao
 - Seiko  - Mryagut  - languagehacker
 - Staz  - StrifeCro  - Surrender
 - Swidz  - NaviOOT  - tom60229
 - Tyler  - Viper  - Ostkaka

What's Next?

Season 2 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters begins on August 23rd. Competition will continue every Friday through Sunday with the newly modified Conquest format to crown three more winners who advance to the World Championship at Blizzcon. The final Masters Tour event happens in Bucharest beginning October 18th.

GM Schedule


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