Goblins vs Gnomes - Illuminator Card Revealed

Blizzcon 2014 Recap II, official Round-up, Patch 2.1.0a for UEE
Goblins vs Gnomes Card Reveal: Goblin Auto-Barber & Goblin Sapper
Hero Rotation for Week of November 11, 2014
Profession Buildings, Alchemy Lab, Apexis Crystals, WARCRIMES, Garrison Art

7:28 PM EST: Several thousands accounts have been permanently banned for botting.
1:30 PM EST: Illuminator has been revealed! We also removed card art and names.

Update: Illuminator Revealed

It looks like the Gnomes won the last vote since Illuminator has been revealed! New cards are to be revealed every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this November.

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New Vote: Gnome Warrior vs Goblin Pirate

Who are you voting for? The Gnome wearing Warrior Tier 6 (Warrior Card), or the Goblin Pirate (Rogue Card) missing an eye?

New Unreleased Card Art

Sorry! The unreleased card art has been removed. Blizzard asked us if we could remove it so they could show us the cards, as planned, in their true form, and we agreed.

We'll be covering every vote and card release, so stay tuned for more Goblins vs Gnomes!

More Goblins vs Gnomes Cards

We've got all the cards previewed at BlizzCon available in our card database.

Continued Actions Against Botting in Hearthstone

Blizzard wasn't kidding. Several thousands of accounts have been permanently banned for botting today.

Quote from Blizzard

In our continued efforts to promote a fair play environment within Hearthstone, we have permanently banned several thousand Hearthstone accounts found to be using third-party programs that automate gameplay, which is a violation of our Terms of Use.

We will continue to closely monitor Hearthstone and take action as needed to protect the game environment. Hearthstone accounts found to be cheating in any form will be permanently closed without warning.

If you believe that you’ve encountered a possible bot or other form of exploitation, please let us know by emailing our hacks team at hacks@blizzard.com.



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