Pack Bundle Promotion: Back to the Wild!




Blizzard has put up a new card pack bundle for sale in the store: Toki's Wild Bundle, 8 packs from each of the expansions currently in wild for a reduced price.

  • Contains 8 packs from all seven expansions currently in Wild (56 packs)
  • It's only available until July 1st
  • Once per account
  • €34.99 EUR / $34.99 USD
  • This is the biggest discount on packs Blizzard has ever given!

You can buy it on the Store here

Back to the Wild!

Toki is getting back to her tinkering ways and has turned back the hands of time to offer up some of Hearthstone's greatest cards! Get 56 Packs, 8 packs from each of the expansions in Wild, and prepare for a blast from the past. The clock is ticking…get Toki's Wild Bundle now before it disappears!

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