Masters Tour Las Vegas: Standings & Decklists!

The first Masters Tour Stop is entering it's final day in a few hours, with just the top 8 contestants remaining. See below for the current standings as well as their decklists!

If you haven't secured your two free Rise of Shadows packs yet, this will be your last chance. Watching the stream for 3 hours earns you one, another 3 hours a second one. Make sure to link your account on Twitch first though! It only counts when the stream is live, not during a rebroadcast.

Stream starts at 9am PT / 18:00 CET


Top 8 Dual Tournament


posesi 2
Fenomeno 0
Kalàxz 0
tom60229 2
posesi 1
tom60229 2



Fenomeno 0
Kalàxz 2
posesi 2
Kalàxz 0

Top 4 Single Elimination


tom60229 0
Dog 2
Gallon 2
posesi 1
Dog 3
Gallon 1


Decklists include secondary and tertiary swaps in their descriptions

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