The Secret Achievements of HearthPwn

The Secret Achievements of HearthPwn

So we have this awesome thing called the achievements system on HearthPwn. There have been a lot of inquiring minds to see if I would reveal all the secret achievements the site has before the shutdown.

Hell yeah, let's do it. If you go any further in this post, there are spoilers.

How Many Secrets?

Forty. There were forty secret achievements I created on HearthPwn (with some help from the kick-ass mod team) that were available for earning. The best part about secret achievements was coming up with the names. There were tons of references to help you figure out what you needed to do but unfortunately, not everyone was able to figure them all out but it was fun to send people on the hunt.

I do regret some of the references being very easy to not understand due to when you tried to go after the achievement, but in a way that made it more fun since you had to go on a proper search. Something like Nice Meme where you needed to create a deck with Ticking Abomination in it is tough to figure out unless you were around when the card was revealed. For those not in the know, Blizzard revealed Ticking Abomination after we were left in silence for just over two weeks since Frozen Throne has been announced. That is the card we were greeted with. The anger was insane!

That's Just Crazy

Although this has been spoiled in the past by some people, that's just crazy is indeed the craziest secret achievement HearthPwn had. As of writing only 221 community members earned the achievement!

What was the criteria you ask? Well, that's a secret! Okay, fine.

Visit the website every single day for an entire year. Yup, many of those who guessed the criteria for it were correct this whole time. The hardest part about it was being consistent in your arrivals. Due to the site being hosted in the Central American timezone, it was quite possible for you to technically visit the site on two different days in your country but really, we saw it as visits on the same day here. I don't believe the tracking was ever perfect but I am proud of being the first person to obtain the achievement and for Arthas, my bot, being one of the last.

More Crazy Secret Achievements

While we're talking about achievements that weren't earned by many, these are the top five rarest secret achievements outside of That's Just Crazy.

  • [300] Now That's a Mad Lad - Visit Mad Hatter's card page.
  • [378] Kira's Guardian - Create a deck using Bwonsamdi, the Dead.
    • One of my favourite references since it is from Death Note, an anime favourite.
    • Kira (killer) is the name given to Light Yagami by his followers. The Guardian of Kira is a shinigami (god of death) named Ryuk, which is a character Bwonsamdi in WoW really takes after.
  • [565] HOWDY! - Visit Annoy-o-Tron's incredibly annoying brother's card page.
  • [664] Death Note - Visit Bwonsamdi, the Dead's Card Page.
    • So close to 666! Kira's Guardian explains this one.
  • [677] That Incident - Create a deck using Hakkar, the Soulflayer.

The Rest!

Here are all the other secret achievements

  • 01d G0ds 0n1ine - Create a deck which contains Mecha'thun.
  • Blind Rage - Visit Shadow Rager's card page.
  • Carrots and Mutton - Create a deck which contains Refreshment Vendor.
  • Destroyer of Worlds - Create a deck which contains Deathwing.
  • Did The Turtle see His Shadow? - Visit Tortollan Forager's card page.
  • Duelfin Master - Create a deck which contains Murloc Tinyfin.
  • Fiveosaurusrex - Visit The Last Kaleidosaur's card page.
  • Fluffy Little Borker - Visit Arfus' card page.
  • Frostmourne Hungers - Create a deck which contains The Lich King.
  • Grandmaster of All - Create a deck which contains Nightmare Amalgam.
  • Grave Aggression - Create a deck which contains Undertaker.
  • HELLLOOOOO! -  Visit Annoy-o-Tron's card page.
  • Hunter of Spells - Visit Zul'jin's Card Page.
  • I Always Like Making My Own Minions Worse - Create a deck which contains Purify.
  • I Have A Secret - Visit the HearthPwn Secrets Calculator.
  • I Summon Kuribo! - Create a deck which contains Feral Gibberer.
  • I Will Hunt You Down! - Create a deck which contains To My Side!.
  • Ticking Abomination - Create a deck which contains Ticking Abomination.
  • Not This Again! - Visit Boommaster Flark's card page.
  • Perfectly Balanced - Create a deck which contains Dr. Boom.
  • Power Creep -  Visit Pompous Thespian's card page.
  • Say Cheese! - Visit Zola the Gorgon's card page.
  • Southern Starseeking - Create a deck which contains Elise the Trailblazer.
  • Team Five - Visit a Hearthstone developer's card page.
  • Tentacles Are Cute! - Create a deck which contains Spawn of N'Zoth.
  • The Answer To Jade? - Visit Skulking Geist's card page.
  • TOO SOON! - Create a deck which contains Majordomo Executus.
  • Tunnel Vision - Create a deck which contains Weasel Tunneler.
  • Well Met Indeed -  Create a deck which contains Eater of Secrets.
  • What The Flark? - Visit Goblin Bomb's card page.
  • Who Blew Out The Candle? - Visit The Darkness' card page.
  • Yes, mi-light-lord - Visit Ragnaros, Lightlord's card page.
  • You Merely Adopted The Dark - Create a deck which contains Fool's Bane.
  • ZMOrc - Create a deck which contains Zoobot.

If you want to stay together with all of us orphans of the HearthPwn community, myself and our wonderful site staff have started up a new project over at OutOf.Cards. We encourage you to come see your old friends from HearthPwn over there - the goal is to support all the features HearthPwn had and do even more!



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