Reckless Experimenter Nerf Coming June 3

Reckless Experimenter Nerf Coming June 3

Reckless Experimenter will be receiving a change in the upcoming card buff patch on June 3rd. Blizzard did not originally realize that SN1P-SN4P had a negative interaction with the card. See the card and text change below.

Added Text
: "Cost can't be reduced below 1"

The card will be disenchantable for full value starting June 3, after the patch releases. Bravo for the quick fix, Blizzard!

Quote from Chris Sierra

Hey Folks,

After the announcement of the Rise of the Mech update, we became aware of an interaction between SN1P-SN4P and Reckless Experimenter that allows for an early-game infinite damage combo in Priest. As a result of this, we’ve opted to make a change to Reckless Experimenter to go along with the 14.4 patch (scheduled to release June 3) so this combo is no longer possible. We’re also aware of some interactions that SN1P-SN4P creates in Wild when played alongside multiple copies of Mechwarper. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how that plays out over the following weeks. Here is how the card now reads (updated card asset here):

Reckless Experimenter – Deathrattle minions you play cost (3) less, but die at end of turn. (Cost can’t be reduced below 1.)

Once the change to Reckless Experimenter is live, you will be able to disenchant it for its full Arcane Dust value for two weeks.


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