How Zayle, Shadow Cloak Works + All Five Decklists

How Zayle, Shadow Cloak Works + All Five Decklists

The new Dalaran adventure that releases this Thursday comes with a new awesome card that works like our friend Whizbang the Wonderful. Instead of the regular deck recipes though, Zayle has 5 special E.V.I.L. decks.

Obtaining Zayle, Shadow Cloak

There are two ways to obtain Zayle.

  • Purchasing the entire adventure gives you a golden Zayle, Shadow Cloak.
    • This can be done with money right away ($20) or gold as the wings come out (700 per wing).
    • You must own the entire adventure before you'll get golden Zayle. You do not need to complete it.
  • Crafting through 1600 dust gives you the normal version of Zayle, Shadow Cloak.
    • The ability to craft a normal Zayle will unlock on Thursday when the adventure releases.

The Decks

There are five decks that Zayle provides. They are all E.V.I.L! Each deck comes from the class that represents each member of the League of E.V.I.L. and internally is referred to as such. Example: "Boom's EVIL Deck".


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