The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16

The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16

Blizzard has announced new details on the upcoming Great Dalaran Heist adventure.

  • Launches May 16!
  • Wings cost 700 gold each, first is free. Whole adventure should be $20 USD.
  • Like Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt in format but loads of more content / features.
  • Challenge defenders of Dalaran that sit between you and your job.
  • The second chapter can be purchased right away after completing the free first chapter.
  • The chapters after 1 & 2 will be unlocked on a weekly basis.
  • Hero Powers get unlocked through mini-quests such as Freeze 30 minions or Draw 100 cards.
  • You can remove cards from your deck at a Dalaran Tavern during your run as well as modify your deck with special gold coins.
  • Each wing has a special passive effect active. Anomaly mode makes these randomized.

Next week, on May 14 & 15, there will be a special event where some pros get to play the adventure early.


  1. Dalaran Bank
  2. The Violet Hold - Imprisoned Minions, join the fight later
  3. Streets of Dalaran
  4. The Underbelly - Swaps Attack and Health of all minions
  5. ???


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