Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

Rise of Shadows Card Nerfs - What Do Pros Want To See Smacked?

IGN's Cam Shea got a chance to speak with a few of Hearthstone's pros at this past weekend's HCT World Championship and talked about card nerfs. Below you'll find our recap and you can read their thoughts it full here.

Card nerfs have been a very popular community topic post expansion launch, as they always are, though could it be different this time around? Here's what pros had to say about the Rise of Shadows set and any cards they think should get hit with the nerf bat.

  • Ike thinks the meta hasn't fully progressed yet due to "sixteen of the best players ... [not] sharing anything"
  • Justsaiyan says Dr. Boom, Mad Genius is a problem. Everyone is playing Warrior which means long games, he feels like not even playing mirrors. Boom is strong due to the DK rotation.
  • Bunnyhoppor thinks Rogue is too strong. He also has this to say:
    • Rogue opposition needs to have an answer for Waggle Pick or Raiding Party.
    • Edwin VanCleef should be removed. He proposes moving Edwin to the Hall of Fame and making Preparation's effect a 2-cost reduction.
    • Magic Carpet is not an issue right now but could be if Rogue gets nerfed.
    • Possibly need to do something about Dr. Boom, Mad Genius because it might be healthy for player sentiment.
    • Wants to see changes before Hearthstone Grandmasters begins as he doesn't want to see everyone only playing Rogue and Warrior.
  • Hunterace thinks the biggest problem is EVIL Miscreant due to the Rogue pool being very strong. Bump the cost up to 4.

Proposed Nerf Targets

Some of these are conditionally, though they certainly echo community thoughts.


Your Thoughts

Are there any cards you think need to be hit with a nerf after these past few weeks of playing Rise of Shadows? Let us know down below.

Personally, I'm quite amazed Magic Carpet was even printed and will continue to quite enjoy the shenanigans in Zoolock while I still can. Increasing the cost seems like the most viable way to deal with it to keep the effect intact.

I also think that Augmented Elekk gives Warrior way too much power. Increasing its cost so it can remain a viable option for getting onto the field later in the game seems acceptable.


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