Rise of Shadows Developer Q&A This Monday!

Rise of Shadows Developer Q&A This Monday!

The Hearthstone Devs are hosting a Q&A session for Rise of Shadows. You can currently leave your own questions in the dedicated thread on the offical forums and they will start to be answered at 10 AM PDT this Monday, April 22. There's only 100 posts in the thread so far, so if you ask a good question there's a decent chance you may get a reply.

We'll recap all their answers here on Monday, so stay tuned!

Quote from Dylan Bates

Well met, E.V.I.L. adventurers!

Put down your Wrenchcaliburs, Wagglepicks, and Headhunter’s Hatchets and set fingers to keyboard - we’ve assembled a league of talented D.E.V.E.L.O.P.E.R.S. to answer your Rise of Shadows questions here on the Hearthstone forums at the start of next week!

You can go ahead and start listing your questions in the thread now - starting at 10:00 AM PDT on Monday, April 22, we’ll have designers and artists on hand for a couple of hours to check in on how your evil schemes are coming along and to talk to you about your favorite decks, awesome plays, answer your burning questions, or discuss anything else you’d like to know about Rise of Shadows!

Remember to favorite/like any questions you’d like to see answered and we’ll see you Monday!



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