Viagame House Cup Survival Guide - Oct. 10 to Oct. 12

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Viagame House Cup Survival Guide

Viagame is hosting a 16 man tournament this weekend at the GD House in Stockholm, Sweden! The tournament has a $20,000 USD prize pool and features 8 invited players, and 8 players from an online qualifier. First place at this tournament takes home $8,000 USD!

The tournament is running a different format than you may be familiar with, more details can be found below.


The event has concluded. You can catch all the VoDs here!

The Groups

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
 Amaz  TidesOfTime  Kolento  RDU
 Forsen  ek0p  Reynad  Gnimsh
 Logan  Vodkita  Mlasic  Alesh
 Jinshen  Pappastoma  Faramir  Seloko



Players will participate in GSL style group play during the first part of the tournament. All matches will be Best of 5. The top 2 players from each group will advance to the Quarterfinals on the second half of Saturday.

Each series starts with a Pick and Ban phase which allows the players to pick their decks for the upcoming games and ban their opponent's decks. Picks and Bans works as follows:

  1. Ban one deck from your opponent.
  2. Pick two of your decks.
  3. Ban two decks from your opponent's new deck pool.
  4. Pick two of your decks.
  5. Ban one deck from your opponent's new deck pool.
  6. Take your remaining deck.

The first game in the series will be blind-pick, meaning neither player knows what the other is playing. Game two and onward, the winner will choose their deck first (which can be their winning deck or another), followed by the loser picking their deck. Once a deck has been defeated, it is removed from that player's deck pool for that series.


All times below are in CET (GMT +2), and are approximate. Games sometimes go longer or shorter and the schedule may not be accurate.

Stream 1TimeCountdown
Semi Finals #1 14:00 - 16:00 Ended
Semi Finals #2 16:00 - 19:00 Ended
Grand Finals 19:00 - 00:00 Ended


Viagame will be providing us will full decklists once the event has concluded. Stay tuned.



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