Celebrate a Wild Valentine's Day - Find and Build Themed Decks!

Celebrate a Wild Valentine's Day - Find and Build Themed Decks!

Love is in the air and since we're no strange to love, we're going to help you spread it on Hearthstone's ladder with decks! Presenting you with a few Valentine's Day deckbuilding challenges...

Lovely Deckbuilding Challenges

A couple of years ago, Blizzard sent out cards to some community members featuring Hearthstone characters to celebrate the holiday. You're tasked with taking one of them and building a deck around it.


  • Mayor of RNG - Build a deck using cards that choose targets randomly or gives you random cards.
  • Gimme That Booty - Build an aggro pirate deck with your best friend Patches the Pirate.
  • I Choose You, Golem - Build a druid deck using rock pokemon cards which spawn Jade Golems or have Choose One.
  • Happy Singles Awareness Day - Build a deck without having more than one copy of any card.
  • You Can't Hold All These Gifts - Build a mill-themed deck to shower your opponent in love.

Your deck doesn't have to be entirely created from the cards defined above, but it should definitely be the core strategy! Any decks you build leave them in the comments below for others to take out on their mission to spread love.

Here's my gift to you, a Wild Renolock Deck! Works well for those on a budget!

Wild Renolock
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