Everyone, Get In The Latest Card Design Competition!

Everyone, Get In The Latest Card Design Competition!

Entries are open for this week's Card Design Competition! This week's theme is "Everyone, Get In Here!" where we're designing Blackrock Mountain cards featuring Dwarves.

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

For a full list of the rules, you'll need to enter, head on over to the submission thread. Don't forget, you can only submit one card into the competition and you must submit your card in the submission thread for it to be a valid submission - the news post comments don't work! It should also be noted we have a dedicated thread for you to discuss this week's entries, so if that's your cup of tea, head on over to the discussion thread.

Trials and Errors - Phase II Voting!

Phase II of our latest Class Creation Competition is coming to a close, with many great Basic sets submitted by competitors from Phase I. Head on over to the submission thread to check them out, and upvote the classes you think are the best! Approximately half the entries will make it through to Phase III, so if you really like what someone has submitted make sure to help them get through.


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