The HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Survival Guide (Year of the Raven)

The HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Survival Guide (Year of the Raven)

The winter playoffs conclude this weekend with the Asia-Pacific region! The top players will go on to the Winter seasonal championship coming in late February / early March.

All the details you need for the event can be found down below.
If you are looking for decks for all the competitors, we've got a dedicated post with them here.

HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Notable Players

Looking for some of Hearthstone's best faces? Here you are! A full list of participants can be found here.






HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Schedule

The schedule for this weekend's event can be found below. If your timezone isn't listed, get out that calculator!

  West Coast
PST (UTC -8)
East Coast
EST (UTC -5)
CET (UTC +1)
JST (UTC +9)
January 25
03:00 (Jan 26) 11:00 (Jan 26)
January 26
03:00 (Jan 27) 11:00 (Jan 27)

HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Prize Pool

The money and HCT Points are distributed as follows.
Note the first four places don't pay out since they move on to the Winter Championship and will earn money and points there.

Place Cash HCT Points
1-4 $0 -
5 $6,000 11 Points
6 $5,500 10 Points
7 $5,000 9 Points
8 $4,500 8 Points
9 $4,250 7 Points
10 $4,000 7 Points
11 $3,750 7 Points
12 $3,500 7 Points
13 $3,250 7 Points
14 $3,000 7 Points
15 $2,750 7 Points
16 $2,500 7 Points
17 - 24 $1,500 6 Points
25 - 32 $1,250 6 Points
33 - 72 $1,000 -

HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Format

  • Best of Five Conquest using the Year of the Raven Standard format.
  • Each player bans one of the opponent's four decks.
  • Seven rounds of Swiss, top 8 to dual-tournament format.
  • Two Dual Tournament groups with top 2 of each group advancing to the next stage (Winter Championship).
  • Semi-finals and Finals will not be played.

HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Brackets

We will not be covering the brackets here but you can check them out as they get updated from the event over on Battlefy.

HCT Asia-Pacific Winter Playoffs Stream

You can watch all the action on the main stream at


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