Keeping Hearthstone Fresh - The HearthPwn Deck Building Challenge

Keeping Hearthstone Fresh - The HearthPwn Deck Building Challenge

Over the past couple of week's we've been running a just-for-fun challenge on our forums to bring out great deck building. We started out with a challenge and the first person to complete it got to choose the next one. We're going to list of some of the challenges we've seen so far, which you're welcome to attempt and share your results with us, and the most recent one.

If you want to take part in the fun, keep in mind:

  • The challenges must be completed at rank 19 or higher for the first 12 hours. After that all ranks count.
  • The creator of a challenge can't participate for the first 24 hours, but is free to post pointers to others at any time.
  • You have to win by lethal or well reasoned concede, disconnects and auto-concedes do not count.
  • Post proof consisting of your deck and screenshots showing your lethal and rank after completion, replay or video of your game and the #number of the challenge you completed.

More rules can be found in the Deck Building Challenge thread. All completions of challenges must be posted in that thread and everyone is asked to read the rules over carefully to avoid issues.

Most Recent Challenge - Guns and Roses

This may be performed with any class in any game format.

Your deck must contain 10 cards with firearms and 10 cards with flowers in their card art. All guns, cannons and futuristic ranged weapons are allowed. Bows, crossbows and other mechanical weapons do not count, nor do plants without visible flowers.

Current Cool Challenge Trivia

  • The highest rank someone completed a challenge at was Rank 3 (0 Stars). It was completed by Tamro.
  • Pullaa completed the fastest challenge which was in 20 minutes!
  • TTVdark4tress and Pullaa are tied for most challenges completed - 8. SlydE and Shaveyou come in at a close 7.
  • The third of January was the day with the most challenges completed - 9.

Previous Challenges To Try

In our thread we allow users to share their completion of previous challenges, just make sure you let everyone know it was on of the retired ones. More information on the format for responding with can be found in the deck building challenge thread.

Challenge #1 - For F's Sake

Class: Mage
Format: Wild
Restrictions: You can not use cards with any words starting with the letter "F" in its name nor card text.
Completed by Vision136

Challenge #2 - Mecha'Pranked

Class:  Hunter
Format: Standard
Restrictions:  Win with Mecha'thun.
Completed by Bmanthemadog

Challenge #3 - Not All About Winning

Class: Any excluding Warlock 
Format: Any!
Restrictions: Draw a game with any class other than Warlock
Completed by TheFFsage

Challenge #25 - The Freshest Prince

Format: Wild
Classes: Any
Restrictions: Deck must contain all four Princes: Keleseth, Taldaram, Valanar, and Malchezaar, and they must be active going into the game (understanding that Malchezaar can sometimes deactivate them).
completed by Bmanthemadog

Challenge #31 - This Deck Is Epic

Format: Any
Classes: Any
Restrictions: Your deck must contain Epic rarity cards only
Completed by TTVdark4tress

Challenge #44 - Vampiric Variety

Format: Any
Class: Any
At least 20 cards must have the Lifesteal keyword (this includes cards that synergize with Lifesteal). Cards that are situationally given the Lifesteal keyword (ex. Prince ValanarParagon of Light) are not allowed.
Completed by Kaladin 

Challenge #47 - Vanilla Flavoured

Format: Standard
Classes: All
Restrictions: You can only include minions with no card text. You must include at least 20 minions in your deck.
Completed by TTVdark4tress

Challenge #56 - Tanky Danky

Format: Any
Classes: Any except Warrior
Restrictions:  All your minions must have taunt and 4 or more health, and can't have more than 4 attack. You must have at least 20 minions in your deck.
Completed by Tamro 07.01

Challenge #63 - Shuddershocked

Class: Shaman
Mode: Any
Restrictions: Your deck must contain Shudderwock, and at least 14 battlecry minions. Your deck must NOT include DoppelgangsterJade SpiritAya BlackpawC'ThunGrumble, Worldshaker or Lifedrinker.
Completed by Tamro

Good Luck Out There!

Keep Hearthstone fresh with new ways to build decks and have some fun. Read up on all the rules and old challenges in the deck building challenge thread and be sure to also share with us when you complete challenges (even the old ones as long as you properly indicate it was old!). You can also share your completions here in the comments below, but they won't be eligible for first completion credit.


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