Rumble Run - Hearthside Chat: A Tussle of Trolls

Rumble Run - Hearthside Chat: A Tussle of Trolls

A new Hearthside Chat is up featuring Hearthstone Mission Designer, Paul Nguyen. He's talking about Rumble Run, the new PVE mode releasing on December 13, and everything you need to know.

Quote from Daxxarri

Rastakhan’s Rumble has already begun for players around the world, but there’s someone else who will soon be battling for glory in Gurubashi Arena. Find out what happens when you step into the role of Rikkar, a fiery young troll hoping to earn glory in the Rumble!

Join Hearthstone Mission Designer Paul Nguyen as he delves into the new Rastakhan’s Rumble single-player content: Rumble Run!

Watch this Hearthside Chat to learn more about Rumble Run and watch some of the single-player only cards and Shrines in action!  

When you start a Rumble Run, you’ll get to choose from one of three different team Shrines to start your run with. Each team (and therefore each Class!) has three different Shrines that can appear.

You’ll always choose from three different teams, but here’s a look all the Shrines that can appear for Hir’eek’s Bats:


You’ll be able to join Rikkar on his quest for glory starting December 13!

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already claimed your Rastakhan’s Rumble log in bonuses, log into Hearthstone to claim 6 Rastakhan’s Rumble card packs, as well as a random Legendary Loa minion and 2 copies of the Spirit card for the same Class—FREE!

We’ll see you in the Tavern—and the Gurubashi Arena!

Dave Kosak had some more to say over on reddit.

Quote from Dave Kosak

Some of the shrines can be used aggressively, so there are ways that they can gain attack. It's a key strategy for a couple of the teams!
Shrines essentially replace the Dungeon Run passives, since all passive effects are associated with your shrine. Your final "treasure" choice is an upgrade to your shrine to make it more powerful (by allowing it to come back faster, for instance.)
Your other "Treasure" choices this time are minions - badass teammates that you can build a deck around. Each team has six possible teammates, you'll get to add two over the course of a run.
You are correct that you get the cardback for your first successful run!


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