Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Cards With Overkill

Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Cards With Overkill

It's time once again to vote for a winner in a card design competition.
This week, we required you to design a card which utilized the upcoming Overkill mechanic.

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

  • You must make a card that utilizes or interacts with Overkill, the new Keyword from Rastakhan's Rumble!
  • Keep in mind that we do not yet know for certain all of the little details about Overkill; it seems like a simple Keyword, but we are jumping the gun here.
  • Upcoming examples include: Baited Arrow, Sul'thraze, and more!

This Week's Finalists

Out of 140 entries, we've narrowed it down to 20 of the community's favourites. Check out the finalists below and then head on over to the final poll to vote, vote, vote! Tokens, as usual, can be viewed in the voting thread.

by  CheeseEtc

by  zartgruen

by  linkblade91

by  Kamroni

by  VelesRS

by  ZarmFK

by  TheProgenitor

by  Chocfudges

by  Happy115

by  ZardozSpeaks2

by  yoburg

by  ScarletSpartan

by  Wailor

by  Darlequin

by  ScubaHelm

by  CecilHoshino

by  Boarman1920

by  Triple_Factorial

by  Demonxz95

by  Toble


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