Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Dis-Cards

Vote For Your Favourite Community Created Dis-Cards

It's time once again to vote for a winner in a card design competition.
This week, we required you to design a card which utilized the discard mechanic. NO WARLOCKS!

Competition-Specific Restrictions:

This Week's Finalists

Out of 90 entries, we've narrowed it down to 14 of the community's favourites. Check out the finalists below and then head on over to the final poll to vote, vote, vote! Tokens, as usual, can be viewed in the voting thread.

by  ThisOtherGuyTox

by  Sinti

by  Wailor

by  Demonxz95

by  Lathy

by  TheProgenitor

by  DemonicPlushie

by  Phoenixfeather

by  linkblade91

by  SWGolgoth

by  ffinderous

by  Turkeybag

by  denoct01

by  demnasi


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