Rumble Run - New Details On Upcoming Solo Content + Looking Back At Adventures

Rumble Run - New Details On Upcoming Solo Content + Looking Back At Adventures

Like with the past few expansions, Hearthstone is getting some new solo content to play through! Here's everything we've learned about the mode so far.

  • Rumble Run releases on December 13th, 9 days after the expansion launch.
  • Shrines - Passives! They sit on the board giving you a special effect. They can be destroyed, but they will respawn after 3 turns.
  • Like other solo content recently added to Hearthstone, successful wins let you add more cards to your run's deck.
  • They really want to celebrate each of the teams (classes). Overpowered fights had to be done.
  • You will fight eight opponents - all the other teams. Each team has 3 different shrines, and 3 champions so your runs won't always be the same.
  • Rikkar is your champion you play with. He evolves over the run. He doesn't have a team to start with, that's up to you.
  • You earn "Prize Fighters" for successful clears. Pick your own teammates.
  • We'll get to play as the champions in "a series of" Tavern Brawls.



Adventures of Old

  • The old way of doing solo content, adventures, didn't work out for them due to not having enough cards for a meta.
  • Adventures needed to be easy so everyone could unlock the cards.
  • The low replayability of adventures was also a problem that needed to be solved.

Frozen Throne - "Linear Battles"

  • Knights of the Frozen Throne was the first expansion with the missions team. They went with the old formula, "linear battles" because it was known to work.
  • The Lich King fight originally had you getting trapped into Frostmourne with a janky animation that made your game look like it bugged out.
  • During QA of the Lich King fight, it was reported that the "Shut Up, Priest" could be stolen. They used that as an opportunity for an easter egg.
  • There were several easter eggs within the Frozen Throne adventure that not many people found.
  • One easter egg that didn't have many mentions online was the one when fighting The Lich King as a Paladin, turning yourself into Uther of the Ebon Blade and using hero power allowed him to collect your cards. When at 3 out of 4 Horsemen collected, he would say that it would be embarrassing it would be if he collected them all.
  • Making the adventure more challenging then usual due to no card rewards turned out to be a positive. They learned players enjoy the challenge and lots of people played.

Kobolds / Witchwood - "Build As You Go"

  • One of the big focuses was to make the content replayable. It's sad when they create content that doesn't get to be seen again.
  • Making deckbuilding less intimidating was another priority. Lots of players beat the Lich King thanks to the deck copy feature.
  • Increasing the challenge even more than before was their final goal for the modes.
  • The initial prototype for Dungeon Run saw you playing as Mage and the entire running being just one very long game.
  • When the boss died, the board would be reset, you'd pick your bucket of cards in a discover selection, and the new boss would start.
  • A fun bug in the prototype caused Arcane Giant to be playable for 0 mana on turn 1 - they didn't reset the spell count between bosses.
  • Thanks to that bug, it lead to the special treasure cards which got stronger as your run continued.
  • Originally there were 12 bosses to beat each run instead of the 8 we got. They found the decks were too big and the bosses had too much health though which made it less fun.
  • You were able to pick your boss in addition to the loot you got. It felt like a negative experience though if you didn't know what each boss did and you lost to them.
  • They experimented with Tower Defense a lot with Witchwood. It's a mechanic they are always trying to get into the game.
  • Darius Crowley became Hearthstone's Tower Defense and the first hero added to Monster Hunt.
  • The final boss in the Witchwood prototype was Jaraxxus.
  • Tess Greymane originally had a hero power which was a bag of weapons. Each time it was used, you would get a weapon out of the bag.
    • Handgonne - 1 Mana 4/2
    • Stake Thrower - 1 Mana 1/8 with Windfury
    • Blunderbuss - 1 Mana 2/2 "Also damages the minions next to whomever your hero attacks.
  • The weapons in Tess' bag ran out (there were only 3) and then her hero power became the one we have today, Scavenge.
  • Magic Mirror allowed players to "break the dungeon" which is fun. Let the players do it.

Boomsday - "Puzzles"

  • They always wanted to add Puzzles to Hearthstone.
  • It was important to mix up the solo content after doing "Build As You Go" twice in a row.
  • Boomsday thematically lead itself well to Puzzles. This was the set to do it.
  • Puzzles originally got their start as a Tavern Brawl 2 years ago. They were Lethal-only puzzles. (We actually datamined this)
  • The brawl created new tech that allowed them to save your state - absolutely needed for the real deal.
  • Toki's replay turn tech helped out in the Puzzle Lab.
  • First thing they tried to make was a Tower Defense puzzle.
  • Netherspite laser beams tech was used to try and make a puzzle which required bouncing the beams off minions and into portals.
  • Since they couldn't let you take extra turns, they instead gave you mana back to cheat in a multi-turn mechanic.
  • Mirror was originally supposed to be seeing the solved board state and then having to replicate it. It was hard to remember in more difficult puzzles, even being able to see the solved state whenever you wanted.
  • Sometimes there would be multiple developers behind one computer trying to get through a new puzzle they were given.
  • One of the puzzles was accidentally unsolvable thanks to a number change and was given to Chakki shortly after he joined the team. Oops!
  • They weren't really replayable, but there was very high engagement. They'll probably return to Puzzles again in the future.


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