The Headless Horseman Rides is This Week's Brawl!

The Headless Horseman Rides is This Week's Brawl!

It's time to battle the Headless Horseman! We'll arm you with the finest Hallow's End costumes Azeroth has to offer.



  • This is the second time we've seen this brawl.
  • The first time we saw this brawl was on October 25, 2017 for last year's Hallow's End event.
  • The brawl is a part of the Hallow's End Hearthstone Event for 2018.
  • This is a PvE brawl, no player opponent this time! Your opponent is the Headless Horseman.
  • Passive hero powers are in use for the player, a rarity!

Choose Your Costume

You get to choose a costume to wear on your first turn. This gets rid of your Stormwind Champions and draws you a new hand.

Each deck is predetermined. These were last year's decks, they may be the same this year (Validation incoming)

The Fight

  • The Headless Horseman starts off with 30 Health. His hero power, Slash, deals random damage to your side of the field.
  • Many of the cards in the Headless Horseman's deck are able to deal AoE damage to you - gross!
  • After defeating the Headless Horseman, he removes his head (Headless Horseman's Head), a 2/35 minion. 
  • His head deals 2 damage randomly split to your side of the field at the start of each of his turns.
  • Destroying the head, as indicated on the card text, wins you the game.

Special Horseman Cards


Discuss This Week's Brawl

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