Global Games Cheering on Twitch Nears Final Community Reward - Golden Classic Pack

Global Games Cheering on Twitch Nears Final Community Reward - Golden Classic Pack

WHOOA! Golden Common! That's what you're going to hear a few times when you open up your Golden Classic Pack that is just under a million bits away.

The Hearthstone Global Games Cheering that was announced last month is nearing the final community progress goal and there's still time to get in. If you're interested in obtaining a Golden Classic Pack (on top of all the other rewards, more on that in a moment) you need to drop 2200 Bits and hope that we reach the goal. The other big reason to get in on the cheering is an exclusive card back rewarded at 2500 Bits. Lets talk about the rewards.

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The Global Games concludes at BlizzCon btw! Time is running out to get in on this deal.

Community Rewards

Unlike when we first covered this last month, we now know all of the reward unlocks and their bit tiers.

Reward Unlocked at Total Requires
2 Boomsday Packs 8,000,000 Bits 700 Bits
2 Witchwood Packs 18,000,000 Bits 1300 Bits
4 Classic Packs 25,000,000 Bits 1900 Bits
1 Golden Classic Pack 28,000,000 Bits 2200 Bits

Personal Rewards

There are ten different tiers of personal rewards. Some things are for Hearthstone itself while others are for use on Twitch. The card back is the final personal reward and it will require 2500 bits to unlock.

Reward Unlocked at Total
Common Emote Pack (Twitch) 300 Bits
4 Classic Packs 600 Bits
Rare Emote Pack (Twitch) 800 Bits
4 Classic Packs 1000 Bits
2 Witchwood Packs 1200 Bits
Epic Emote Pack (Twitch) 1400 Bits
2 Boomsday Packs 1600 Bits
Legendary Emote Pack (Twitch) 1800 Bits
Get In Here' Bundle (10 Packs) 2000 Bits
Special Card Back 2500 Bits

The Twitch Emote Packs (In order of Common -> Legendary)

The Takeway v2.0

This is a MUCH better deal that previously expected now that we see a Golden Classic Pack awaits us. The absolute lowest amount of dust this pack can be worth is 300 dust (4 commons, 1 rare) which is, on average, opening up 3 Hearthstone packs (100 dust / pack).

So for the $34 USD it will cost for enough bits to get the card back, you are now receiving the following items:

  • 1 Exclusive Card Back
  • 1 Golden Classic Pack (assuming we hit the goal!)
  • 14 Classic Packs
  • 4 Boomsday Packs
  • 6 Witchwood Packs
  • 2 Kobolds Packs
  • 2 Frozen Throne Packs
  • 2 Un'Goro Packs
  • 4 Twitch Emote Bundles (20 Emotes in total)

This is a total of 30 card packs, 1 special all-golden classic card pack, and an exclusive card back assuming all you care about is the Hearthstone rewards. Your $34 would be spent on 1x 1500 Bits package and 2x 700 Bits package. If you're okay with spending $40 though you can always pick up the 1500 bundle twice which gives you an extra 500 bits that could go towards your favourite streamer.

The cheapest way to get 30 card packs is to buy two 15 pack bundles for $20 USD each, so if we were only looking at this from a dust value (due to the nature of the "random" assortment of packs), you are getting, on average, 3300 arcane dust for $34, and a card back. This is pretty sweet and especially good value for newer players or players who have yet to invest much into the game.

Remember that cheering for a team gives the players on that team a portion of the bits cheered (equal to the cut Blizzard receives).
Who are you cheering for?

Wouldn't it be awesome if you ended up with a golden Mana Wyrm in that pack.


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