Top & Most Popular Boomsday Decks of the Week From HearthPwn for October 1

Top & Most Popular Boomsday Decks of the Week From HearthPwn for October 1

Looking for the top and most popular Standard and Wild decks on the site over the past week? We've got you covered!
Does not include top Wild decks by winrate due to us not currently publishing that data.

Top Standard Decks

Using data from Innkeeper

Deck Author Cost
 Odd Paladin Ender 5980
 Even Shaman Carhartt15 11040
 Odd Rogue Ale2200_ 6880
 Cube Hunter FroStee 10940
 Zoolock StanCifka 4680
 Token Druid Gallon 7620
 Aggro Mage Fungggg 6700

Popular Standard Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Boar Control kiwiinbacon 5600
 Secret Pally Happy_Bois 5280
 Freeze Shudderbomb kiwiinbacon 13940
 Mecha'Thun Mage faj9 6240
 Malygos OTK Rogue skaramangaa 6860
 Tempo Warrior Alex777 11520
 "Wonderful" Odd Mage Pumpkin03 12400
 SHHH, IT'S A SECRET!!! Elementalcore100 6820
 Eternity Warrior kiwiinbacon 11420
 Meta Control Warrior elvishak 9920

Popular Wild Decks

Deck Author Cost
 Mecha´thun OTK Solem 9900
 Big Druid - Dollmaster Danehearth 21720
 Jaded Druid Lucero 11240
 Odd Resurrect Taunt Druid Scottyrain 10040
 Voltron Shaman leero00Oy 15060
 White Eyes Echo_ 8360
 Casino Mage ClockwerkZombie 13120
 Paladin: Memelygos OTK Phaneron 13100
 C'Thun Control Warrior TheRaven55 16240
 Rip & Reap Warrior Heeljin 5840

Looking for More?

Are you looking for more decks? We've got plenty of options for you, all added by members of our community! If you have a great deck, don't forget you can add it to the site via our deckbuilder (and be sure to write a guide!).



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