What Happened in Hearthstone? Taking a Look Back at September 17 - 23

What Happened in Hearthstone? Taking a Look Back at September 17 - 23

It was a very interesting week! Days of the Frozen Throne was a mini event with rewards, we saw a huge post from Blizzard that included 4 new Classic cards and details on more things coming soon.

Hearthstone News

Blizzard announced a TON of new stuff coming to Hearthstone in the future, including:

  • Four new cards are being added to the Classic set!
  • Dual Class Arena returns in October with Hallow's End.
  • Paladins are getting an annoying new hero. "Sir Annoy-o" is his name.

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Thoughts On Last Week

Personal opinion, move on if that bothers you. This is the part where we give last week a review and not just a recap.

It's a shame we're getting yet another Paladin hero and that it's once again tied to another in-game purchase. The way to obtain Sir Annoy-o hasn't officially been announced but there was a press image that showed him beside 20 Witchwood packs which makes it seem like that's the bundle. Buying old packs isn't very exciting, but at least the hero has some meme potential whether that ends up backfiring towards Blizzard or becomes something amazing for the community has yet to been determined. 

It's good to see they're at least willing to bring back the dual class arena format that an overwhelmingly vocal number of people appreciated last year. If Blizzard can keep bringing back stuff that people like, and sprinkle it throughout expansions by trying to do something interested at least monthly, it should help player fatigue and maybe, just maybe give some people who've put the game on the back burner a reason to logon. Artifact is coming and lots of the Hearthstone streamers are very interested in playing it, they're going to need all the help they can get.

Regarding tournament mode, it isn't exactly a surprise at this point it's being put on hold and it would have been nicer to know that it was canned sooner to prevent a lot of "wtfs" from everyone when they didn't meet their summer target. Blizzard has been not the best at community messaging in the past and it's an unfortunate trend to see continue. Their large post that showcased many things coming to Hearthstone should have been broken up across a few weeks to make things feel less stale. We're now going to go through another drought of content until BlizzCon announces the next expansion.

On timing - why, at the very least, didn't the welcome bundle make a return earlier? There's at least three things people are going to be putting money towards now for October (Twitch Cheering, Welcome Bundle, Sir Annoy-o) and it's annoying. They must have data that shows people love to spend cash on old cards before an upcoming expansion.
Don't worry though, they're at least adding in 25 new ranks for all those new players the game is attracting! /s

Days of the Frozen Throne was an awesome, small thing for them to do though - More stuff like this, please! It's a great way to bring back some old, still relevant for now, content. When is the Un'Goro jungle going to takeover Hearthstone for a week for another flash back?

Community Videos

Check out popular community videos below! Be sure to also share some of your favourite videos from the past week in the comments.

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Intro to Artifact


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