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Update: Hotfixes have gone out to the servers. Check below for the details.

Hearthstone Hotfixes

Some hotfixes have gone out to the servers to fix a couple of issues. Details below.

Quote from Rolkyr
  • A Deathrattle minion that has been affected by Silence will no longer trigger Baron Rivendare when destroyed.
  • The activation of Voidcaller's Deathrattle while Baron Rivendare is on the battlefield will no longer lead to more than 7 minions in play.

Gamescom 2014 Interviews and got the chance to interview Hearthstone's Senior Producer, Yong Woo. We've got a recap on both interviews below.

Quote from Yong Woo
  • Dark Cultist: They've been always looking for a way to give Priests a more viable early game and feel Dark Cultist will help with it.
  • Feedback from the community and the data gathered from adventures is important to learn from Naxxramas. The new knowledge will be used to create better adventures in the future.
  • They really wanted to do something different with the Naxxramas card set release. "What can be done in a digital game that we can't do physically?"
    • Instead of just giving players access to everything at once, they wanted to split it up over time. Each week you have new cards to look forward to and you've always got new strategies coming out.
    • There were concerns over fairness of the release schedule. For example, Priests won't get their card until the last wing, where Mages got theirs in the second. They're looking at feedback and data to learn about what they could have done better and put their new knowledge into the next adventure.
  • At high levels of play, there is a surprising amount of deck diversity. There isn't just one deck which beats everything, and decks which do break the 50% win ratio don't tend to be above it too much, only a couple percent.
    • Yong feels that players should pick a deck that they're excited about playing instead of just picking that "top" deck. For those newer, there are resources out there to help with deck building and are great learning tools, but once you have a better understanding of the game, make your own decks and don't be afraid to try out new things.
  • The team isn't really interested in going with a 10th class yet. There is so much more to still explore within the current space.
  • For the next content release, Hearthstone is currently headed toward a traditional TCG/CCG release model.
    • In future expansions, they'll return to more traditional things like adding new boosters to get new cards.
    • Ben Brode confirmed in an interview that we'd be seeing more than 30 cards
  • Windows 8 tablet support was added into the game recently.
  • A mobile team is actively working on an Android release of Hearthstone. The Android Tablet release is definitely shooting for release this year.
  • Later this year, we'll see phone versions of Hearthstone.
    • A lot of design work is going into it; It isn't easy to take a game that needs a full screen and make it work on a smaller device.

Deck Talk: DKMR Kisstafer's Hunter

In this week's Deck Talk, TheChiv had DKMR's Kisstafer on the show to discuss his DKMR Hunter deck. The deck is a midrange Hunter deck which has been used to grind up to top 100 Legend. The biggest changes this deck has over your traditional midrange Hunter is the inclusion of Stranglethorn Tiger, Mad Scientist, and Leeroy Jenkins as opposed to Savannah Highmane and Stonetusk Boar.

Check out Deck Talk Episode 3 below where TheChiv and DKMR Kisstafer discuss the deck in detail.

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DKMR Kisstafer Midrange Legend Hunter
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Botting in Hearthstone

Daxxarri posted a reminder today that you shouldn't be botting in Hearthstone.

Quote from Daxxarri

A fun, fair, and competitive environment is at the very heart of the Hearthstone experience. This is a reminder that we take fair play very seriously, and that making use of third party programs that automate gameplay (also known as ‘bots’ or ‘botting’) is a violation of our Terms of Use. Accounts that are found to be making use of ‘bots’ are subject to penalties, up to and including permanent suspension.



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