Initial Crafting Advice For Legendary Cards In The Boomsday Project

Initial Crafting Advice For Legendary Cards In The Boomsday Project

Now that we've had a few days of playing with the new Legendary cards brought to us by Boom Labs in The Boomsday Project, we've got some initial rankings to share on how well they're doing. You can use the information here to help decide whether or not you want to craft any of the new legendary cards, though we do think it's still smart to wait a couple of weeks from an expansion launch before making any big decisions.

Below you'll find our highlights of each tier, along with a description of what the different tiers mean. Full data can be found in our Hearthstone Legendary Cards Tier List & Crafting Guide thread found over on the card discussion forums. Updates will be made to that thread as things evolve.

It should also be noted we've got a special section just for ranking cards in Wild.

Tier 1 - Staples

We're not confident in giving any cards the Tier 1 badge yet because these are considered as must-have cards. Anything in this bracket is typically used in either a certain archetype that is crushing everything else or is used across a variety of high-level decks. Great examples of cards in this tier from Witchwood were Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane which were used in many different classes to great success.

As the meta is still evolving heavily, anything we suggest here could become outdated quickly. We've got a good idea what belongs here after a couple of weeks.

Tier 2 - Tech

These are usually cards that although not necessarily must-crafts, they're going to help you out with a particular archetype that is seeing success.


Tier 3 - Playable

We're seeing these cards working in decks and although they may not be at the absolute top right now, it could go both ways. At the very least they're usually fun additions to the game.


Tier 4 - Niche

If you've got them, it may be worth hanging onto because they're at least seeing some play. Disenchanting these cards may result in regret down the line.

Tier 5 - Trash

Dust em! It's really that easy.


Visit the Guide!

Check out a breakdown of all the cards in our Legendary Tier List and Crafting Guide. We'll be updating it throughout the expansion, you can also find it in our site navigation under the cards category.


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