The Most Popular, Successful, and Worst Cards of The Boomsday Project

The Most Popular, Successful, and Worst Cards of The Boomsday Project

We're a couple of days in to Hearthstone's newest expansion and it's time we take a look at which cards are seeing the most successful play. Thanks to the folks at HSReplay, here are the top Boomsday cards so far!

Popular Neutral Cards

Lots of players bringing back Mechs. It feels like GvG all over again!

Popular Class Cards

Warlocks, Druid, and Paladins! Seems about right from what we've been seeing with popular decks.


The Top 20 Successful Boomsday Cards

Cards below must have positive winrates within decks (over 50%) and have more than 50,000 games played.

Card Deck Winrate Times Played
Doubling Imp 58.6% 340,000
Soul Infusion 58.6% 380,000
The Soularium 58.4% 110,000
Glow-Tron 54.7% 220,000
Thunderhead 54.6% 61,000
Crystallizer 54.3% 57,000
Giggling Inventor 54.1% 500,000
Menacing Nimbus 54.0% 100,000
Dreampetal Florist 53.9% 110,000
Mechano-Egg 53.7% 100,000
Landscaping 53% 59,000
Floop's Glorious Gloop 52.9% 50,000
Voltaic Burst 52.8% 67,000
Biology Project 52.7% 290,000
Wargear 52% 330,000
Mecharoo 52% 300,000
Void Analyst 52% 58,000
Shooting Star 51.8% 87,000
Mecha'thun 51.5% 64,000
Celestial Emissary 51.5% 84,000

The Worst Cards

Not showing much promise yet, you may want to hold off on creating decks with these cards.
Cards need to have over 20,000 plays to be included below.




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