Deck Spotlight: Zeto's Ragelock, Versus Series: Crispy vs Moonstar, Plague Quarter Issues Update

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Skin Spotlight: Master Arthas
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Deck Spotlight: Zeto's Ragelock

In today's deck spotlight we're taking a look at Zeto's Ragelock. Ragelock is a midrange Warlock deck which was created to be different than your typical Warlock deck, while remaining a ladder competitor. The deck aims to keep up constant board presence without running out of cards, and to also be a contender for the late game. The deck fares well against Zoo, and Zeto discusses matchups for Miracle Rogue and Ramp Druid as well.

The deck is on the lower end of crafting costs, clocking in at only 2,700 arcane dust. Check out the deck below to try it out or head on over to the deck guide to learn about mulligan strategy, cards breakdown, deck matchups, and card replacements.

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Versus Series: AcB Crispy vs LD Moonstar

Jotto's back with another episode of Versus Series. Today, Ace Breaker's own Crispy takes on LuckyDraw's Moonstar in a best of three, deck elimination format. Check out the matches below, along with their decklists!

Plague Quarter Issues Update

Daxxarri posted another update on the Plague Quarter issues this afternoon.

Quote from Daxxarri

Duplicate Purchases

We have identified groups of players who were charged multiple times when attempting to make purchases. Some of the affected players have already received refunds, but we are in the process of implementing a hotfix that will reimburse duplicate purchases to the remaining affected accounts. We will provide additional updates as these issues are resolved. 

Waiting for Authorization

A fix has already been put into place for the majority of players stuck at the “Waiting for Authorization” screen, but a small number of players may still be experiencing this issue. We are continuing to investigate those accounts that may still be affected and will implement hotfixes to address the issue.

Note: There are two separate issues under investigation in this case: Players awaiting refunds should be no longer be stuck within the “Waiting for Authorization” screen once the refund processes. Meanwhile, those players who remain stuck in this state after a refund has already been processed should be released via an upcoming hotfix. 

Successful Purchases, Plague Quarter Unavailable (both Real Money and Gold)

At this time, we have begun processing refunds for players who made successful purchases but did not properly unlock the Plague Quarter (both real money and gold currencies). 

Shop Closed 

We are currently investigating reports that some players are continuing to receive a “Shop Closed” notification.



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