The Military Quarter Heroic Boss Deck Guides

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11:43 AM: We've removed some decks which weren't giving consistent results and added decks with better guides.
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The Military Quarter Heroic Boss Deck Guides

Need some help with the Military Quarter on Heroic difficulty? We've compiled some decks to help you out! The decks used for Heroic difficulty can also help you on Normal with similar strategies. If you're looking for information on the new class challenges, head on over to our Shaman Class Challenge and Warlock Class Challenge pages.

Heroic Instructor Razuvious

View the Razuvious Boss Guide

The first boss in the Military Quarter is Instructor Razuvious. Razuvious can be quite the pain with his Hero Power which deals 4 damage to any target on the board for only 1 mana. Additionally, he also has three Massive Runeblades which when hit onto your face will deal devastating damage. You'll start the game off with a Mind Control Crystal which will let you steal his two Understudys. Although they aren't able to do much on their own except be an excellent meat shield, you can buff them up to allow them to attack or heal them for extra meat.

You're going to want to bring a couple of Acidic Swamp Ooze to the party, and a Harrison Jones if you can afford it. You're going to want to also bring along some AoE to deal with his little guys and removal for dealing with the bigger ones. You'll also want to be careful with how many minions you drop on the field as Razuvious has a trap card, Brawl. If you can keep your Understudys on the board long enough, maybe one of them will be the Brawl successor!

Lengah also has another strategy which involves the use of Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, and Thoughtsteal/Mind Vision. Mind control the Understudys, double ones health, convert to attack, swing into his face! Then you can hope you pull one of his weapons and smack him in the face for 20 damage. It's super effective!

Heroic Gothik the Harvester

View the Gothik Boss Guide

Gothik the Harvester is the second boss in the Military Quarter. His hero power is an interesting one on heroic difficulty and has been the subject of interesting tactics to dispose of him. His hero power is one which automatically casts at the beginning of his turn; For 1 mana, he gives himself a mana crystal and then draws two cards. This may appear to be scary at first, and it is, but if you can outlast him, the fatigue damage piles on fast.

You can force Gothik to draw his cards even faster by using cards such as Coldlight Oracle or Naturalize, but your goal should be to simply outlast him. To outlast Gothik you are going to need some amazing heals, the capability of removing his minions from the board, and being able to buff the spectral minions he gives you so that you can actually make use of them. There can be a bit of luck involved with the right draws, but it's an effective and fun way to take down the harvester!

Heroic Baron Rivendare

View the Baron Rivendare Boss Guide

Important: Doomsayer and Equality cannot be used on this fight! No cheating.

Baron Rivendare is the final boss of the Military Quarter, and he is accompanied by three  of his horsepeople friends who each have 2 attack and 7 health. You're going to need to get past his fleet before you're able to attack him, but once you do clear his friends, you only have to deal with Baron's 14 health since he doesn't have any minions.

You can get rid of the his friends quickly by using rush minions + buffs or spells, but the most important tip here is to make sure you have some of those Acidic Swamp Oozes available. His Runeblade will start to hurt once you've taken his fleet down, and its best if you can nullify it when it comes out. Watch out for his direct damage spells and minion buffs!



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