The Boomsday Project Card Reveal Bingo

The Boomsday Project Card Reveal Bingo

Bingo returns for The Boomsday Project! As usual, we'll have main page updates, all the new cards in our deckbuilder for theorycrafting, updates on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and of course, polls to give your initial insights into the new cards through the next couple of weeks.

Updates here will be made once a day. We're assuming Ben Brode is still laughing somewhere, so he remains our free square.

Current Card

This is where we'll have the card with the crossed off spaces.

Bingo Defined

  • Bad Card With Great Reviews - This is a card which is rated by the community as being our lord and savior but ends up being super trash.
  • Snowball 3-Drop - A crazy card with 3 mana which pushes the game forward quickly through the snowball effect.
  • Mech Mage - Any Mage-only card with the Mech tag.
  • Druid Armor - A card that gives druids armor... again. I thought this was Warrior flavor =/
  • Super Cutie - It's so adorable! Any card with super cute art. There's at least one in every set!
  • Warlock Self Damage - This card kills the Warlock.
  • Warrior Totally Enrage - A Warrior card with an Enrage effect. Still enrage in our hearts, Blizzard!
  • Boom Bots - A card that summons Boom Bots. Now that's balance!
  • Pack Filler - A card so bad that it's only included because "not every card needs to be playable"
  • Flagship RNG - This card is played because even with the randomness, it's just so good. Sup Yogg.
  • Dank Memes - This description has been withheld.
  • Rogues Be Burgling - A Rogue card which adds cards to your hand from the opponent's class.
  • HAHAHAHHAHA - Free. Ben Brode occupies this space as our Bingo Spirit Animal.
  • Hunter Spelling Bee - Any Hunter card which helps push the Spell Hunter archetype forward.
  • Power Creep - A card which has upgraded stats over another one in the game for the same cost, usually making the old one irrelevant. If this is a class card, it must creep over another card of the same class.
  • Paladins Have Secrets - A Secret card for Paladins. Did you know Paladins have the least amount of Secrets in both Standard and Wild out of the core secret classes?
  • New Giant - A new card with "Giant" in the name and has 8/8 stats. Cost will vary.
  • Unexpected Priest Effect - Think Chameleos.
  • Hard to Execute Legendary - A Legendary card that requires going through hoops to get it out. Hello The Darkness my old friend...
  • Shaman Mrglrlgl - Any card with the Murloc race/tribe that is given to Shamans.
  • Annoy-o-Trio - A new Annoy-o-Tron! Must have Taunt, Divine Shield, and be a Mech. This also probably ticks the Power Creep box.
  • Mechanical Dragon - A card with the Dragon race/tribe and has the art of a mechanical.
  • Legendary Buildaround - Your entire deck is built around this card. Maybe it requires a deck of singletons or building with only odd-cost cards.
  • Shredder - A cousin of Piloted Shredder. This card should be a Mech which on death summons a random minion. Shredder should be in the name for full credit.
  • Rager - A card which depicts an elemental being, likely has awful stats, and has Rager in its name.

Learn More About The Boomsday Project

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