The Boomsday Project - Complete Card Reveal Schedule

The Boomsday Project - Complete Card Reveal Schedule

The card reveal schedule returns again, this time for The Boomsday Project! We'll be here as usual to cover all the reveals right here on HearthPwn, so make sure you tune in over the next couple of weeks to make sure you don't miss anything! Countdowns for each day will be made available closer to the start of next week. You can also bookmark our Boomsday Project expansion guide which will have all the new cards in a nice visual layout.

There are 49 cards on the reveal schedule and we've already seen 11. This means there are currently 75 cards unaccounted for (135 in the set total!) which we'll end up seeing through Blizzard reveals on blogs and videos, an initial reveal stream on the 23rd, and a final card dump at the end.

We do not have names of cards this time around, they didn't leak them in their own blog =(

Blog Post

Quote from Blizzard

The brilliant scientists at Boom Labs have been hard at work devising nefarious new technologies for The Boomsday Project. We’ve enlisted the aid of your esteemed community colleagues to publish the results—in the form of new The Boomsday Project cards!—for your perusal via Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Each image below designates a card*. Check out the days and times listed, and click an image to be transported directly to the associated channel.


7/23 12PM
7/23 11PM
7/24 5AM
7/24 6AM
7/24 7AM
7/24 12PM
7/24 8PM
7/24 9PM
7/24 11PM
7/25 7AM
7/25 12PM
7/25 5:15PM
7/25 6PM
7/25 8PM
7/25 11PM
7/26 2AM
7/26 5AM
7/26 7AM
7/26 12PM
7/26 11PM
7/27 2AM
7/27 7AM
7/27 8AM
7/27 12PM
7/27 8PM
7/27 11PM
7/28 7AM
7/28 12PM
7/28 8PM
7/28 11PM



7/29 7AM
7/29 11AM
7/29 12PM
7/29 8PM
7/29 11PM
07/30 2AM
7/30 5AM
7/30 7AM
07/30 12PM
7/30 6PM
7/30 8PM
7/30 11PM
7/31 5AM
7/31 6AM
7/31 7AM
7/31 12PM
7/31 9PM
7/31 11PM




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