The Boomsday Project is Hearthstone's Next Expansion

Update 1 PM EDT: Added more info from the official blog post.

The Boomsday Project is Hearthstone's Next Expansion

The second Hearthstone expansion for Year of the Raven has been announced and five new cards have been revealed.

  • The expansion launches on August 7!
  • New Keyword: Magnetic - Played by themselves or can attach to a Mech minion to add on their health, attack, and ability.
  • Projects are new spell cards with extremely powerful effects, but they help both players.
  • Omega Project - These cards are normal, but have a Battlecry that works when you have 10 Mana Crystals.
  • There will be legendary spells, such as one that draws your entire deck!
  • We're getting a new Warlock Hero - MECHA JARAXXUS!
  • Warriors are getting a new Dr. Boom as a Legendary playable hero (at least that's what it appears to be in the video).
  • Logging in after the expansion launches gives you 3 card packs and a random legendary minion from the set.

Puzzle Lab

When you experience The Boomsday Project’s free single-player content, The Puzzle Lab, you’ll discover that science is fun! And dangerous! Not necessarily in that order!

You’ll need to get your security clearance before you can gain access to these secrets, though. The Puzzle Lab will become available starting August 21.

New Cards

More cards will be revealed starting on July 23!


There are two different pre-orders, a Hearthstone first. You're able to buy both if you want the value!

Normal Pre-order

  • 50 card packs
  • A random golden legendary
  • The Mecha Jaraxxus card back


  • Everything in the normal pre-order plus
  • 30 additional card packs (80 total)
  • Mecha Jaraxxus Warlock Hero

New Gameboard

Reveal Video

Quote from Blizzard Entertainment »

LEARN MORE about The Boomsday Project at: 

The Boomsday Project card reveal livestream will begin at 10:00 am PST on July 23 at 

Pre-purchase The Boomsday Project to receive a 50 card pack bundle, a random Golden Legendary card from The Boomsday Project, and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back! PLUS, you can also pre-purchase the new MEGA BUNDLE, which features an 80 card pack bundle, a random Golden Legendary card from The Boomsday Project, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back, and a new Warlock Hero: MECHA-JARAXXUS! 

Get both the pre-purchase AND the MEGA BUNDLE for double the value! 

For a limited time, log-in after The Boomsday Project launches for three card packs and a random Class legendary minion card from The Boomsday Project! 

The Boomsday Project releases August 7 2018 PST!


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