Our Initial Thoughts and Highlights of the Taverns of Time Arena Event Cards

Our Initial Thoughts and Highlights of the Taverns of Time Arena Event Cards

The Taverns of Time event brings 28 new arena-only cards to the table beginning on June 11. Each class gets 2 new cards plus 10 neutral cards, and the Mod team has discussed and rated each card in the Arena Exclusive Cards 2.0 thread. The ratings are based on a 1-5 range, with only 2 earning a unanimous rating of 1 from the mod team. You'll want to grab Chronoshot and Master of Realities whenever you can!

Here is what each member of our mod team had to say about this exciting event.

Neonangel: Discovering Value

I think everyone is betting on Shaman and Hunter this time around, with both classes getting some truly awesome cards added to their arsenal.  As far as the Neutral cards go I'm most impressed by by Chromie and Timeline Witness.  The amount of value generated by Chromie is simply amazing, and the Discover ability granted by Timeline Witness is going to be super strong.  Being able to fish for answers out of your own deck every single turn is pretty powerful.  I think Druid got the short end of the stick however, being the least beneficial of all the exclusive cards.


Sinti: Bigger and Better

Arena exclusive cards make a comeback and they are bigger and better than before! Yaay! I hoped they would return one day in exactly this format, a limited time event, so I'm happy. I can't wait to test them out, many of them look like they can carry decks on their own, which will be interesting to see. Hunter and Shaman look like they got the best cards out of all classes, both of their cards are top-tier quality, so we shall see if they are gonna be the top dogs again.

Shaman ruled with Crackling Doom last time, can he do it again? But what I'm really looking forward is the Fatecleaver Trolden moments when ppl try to remove an enemy minion and kill their own board in the process.

AbusingKel: The Shamaning

The Taverns of Time event brings in a fairly large set of arena-only cards. Some look absurd, others fairly tame. I am most excited to see how well Shaman can do with 2 incredible class cards brought into the fold - Master of Realities and Stasis Elemental which both received top scores from the arena mods. With Thrall drafts often offering plenty of elementals, I think his game will be much stronger, especially with an extra boost from the neutral Temporal Anomaly.


Boozor: A Drop in the Bucket of Value

It'll be interesting to see how the new arena cards will be allocated in their respective buckets. A vast majority of the cards are above average so this means that we'll be seeing these cards relatively often, and they have the ability to shape the meta for the next couple weeks. Cards like Chromie and Murozond I wouldn't be surprised if they were offered in the legendary buckets separated from the rest, but that's a bit of speculation on my end.

A common theme from this set of cards is value and answers. We'll have the ability to dig for answers, and generate value more consistently with cards such as Ripple in Time, Déjà Vu, and Consider the Past. Definitely take this in consideration when you are drafting during this event.


Not sure what Chromie's effect does? Now you do!

What do you Think?

Which of the new arena cards are your favourites? You can find the cards, and discussion, in our dedicated forum thread. Let us know your thoughts down below.


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