The HCT Seoul 2018 Survival Guide

The HCT Seoul 2018 Survival Guide

This weekend is home to the HCT Seoul 2018 Tournament! Players are taking part in glorious battle at the Nexon Arena (and some PC Bangs!) over three days for their share of $25,000 USD and 191 HCT points.

All the details you need for the event can be found down below.

HCT Seoul Schedule

The schedule for this weekend's event can be found below. If your timezone isn't listed, get out that calculator!

  West Coast
PDT (UTC -7)
East Coast
EDT (UTC -4)
KST (UTC +9)
June 8 20:00 (June 7) 23:00 (June 7) 05:00 12:00
June 9 20:00 (June 8) 23:00 (June 8) 05:00 12:00
June 10 20:00 (June 9) 23:00 (June 9) 05:00 12:00

HCT Seoul Format

  • Best of Five Conquest.
  • Each player bans one of the opponent's decks.
  • 512 player open Swiss Bracket.
  • Top 32 players from Swiss move on to Double Elimination.
  • Top 8 from Double Elimination move on to Single Elimination.

HCT Seoul Brackets

We will not be covering the brackets here but you can check them out as they get updated from the event over on Battlefy.

HCT Seoul Stream

You can watch all the action on the main stream at

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