Legend Malygos Druid - You Need to Play This Deck! Ft. Guide From StanCifka

Legend Malygos Druid - You Need to Play This Deck! Ft. Guide From StanCifka

StanCifka hit Legend this month purely through the use of Malygos Druid with a 75% win-rate. It isn't the easiest deck in the world to play, but oh boy is it fun!

Malygos Druid has always been one of those archetypes that players dreamed of making work extremely well and I'm personally glad we're finally at a moment where one of the most fun combo cards in the game is reliable! I know not everyone shares that sentiment though, so for those, I'm sorry! Let's take a look at the deck itself, some words from StanCifka, and a video showcasing gameplay of this deck.

Be sure to also check out the full guide.

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The Deck

Hello Hearthpwn! There was a high demand for the deck guide of Malygos Druid that I achieved Legend Rank1 with immediately on the first date, so here it is! I had over 75 % win-rate in 41 games to get it (and immediately jumped from normal rank1 to that Legend rank1 because of high mmr created by this winrate), but deck is quite hard to pilot, so prepare to struggle just a bit with it before you master it and start crushing.

One of the players I would like to shout out is Fenomeno, one of the best players in the world that I am sure you all know. He is the guy from where I saw that they cut Oaken Summons and Ironwood Golem, which gives you 4 extra slots to work with and helps you quite a bit with combo.

Stancifka's [Legend RANK 1] Malygos Druid
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