The HCT Summer Championship Takes Place at Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles

The HCT Summer Championship Takes Place at Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles

Tickets are now available to those who wish to attend the HCT Summer Championship at the end of June. The event takes place from June 28 through July 1.

Buy tickets here.  Tickets are available for June 30 ($20 USD) and July 1 ($30 USD).

Quote from Blizzard

You’ve had your sunglasses out for this season’s Tour Stops. Now ready your flipflops and beach towels, because California and the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Summer Championship are calling!

The Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will play host to the HCT 2018’s seasonal championships, starting with the HCT Summer Championship taking place this June 28 through July 1. There will be four days of tournament play on broadcast, with two days—June 30 and July 1—open to a live audience. The final two days of each Seasonal Championship are arguably the most nerve-wracking, featuring elimination and decider matches, as well as the top eight playoffs! If you’ve always wanted to see history in the making, make sure you’re there.

The Live Experience


What’s a Hearthstone tournament without some good old fashioned Fireside fun? On Saturday, June 30, we’ll be hosting a Fireside Gathering with tons of accompanying activities, including a Tavern Brawl selected specifically for the event. You’ll also get to enjoy eight-player Quickplay tournaments and duke it out with Hearthstone developers in the Duel-A-Dev and Cannons Away activities.

As with every Seasonal Championship, we’ll also have some good swag to give away. Participating in and winning the various activities will reward you the “Thrill of Victory” Hearthstone card back pin and other Hearthstone-branded prizes. Audience members also have a chance to be part of raffles, giveaways, and other surprises during the show!


There will be food available both in and outside of the studio, so you won’t have to venture out of your way to keep yourself fed and hydrated. And for all your other swag needs, don’t forget to stop by the merchandise shop in the Blizzard Arena lobby.

Broadcast and Event Information

The HCT Summer Championship broadcast will begin at 8:30 a.m. PDT each day, with doors opening half an hour before broadcast starts on Saturday and Sunday. You can catch all the action on the official PlayHearthstone Twitch channel if you aren’t planning on attending in person.

All 16 Summer Championship representatives have been confirmed—we’ll be releasing a more in-depth look at each of them soon, but for now, see if any of your favorites have made the cut:


















Each General Admittance ticket will provide a single person with one-day access to the live broadcast of the HCT Summer Championship at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles and includes thundersticks and an exclusive t-shirt from the event!

Tickets can be printed out or presented on your mobile phone. Please note: No outside food or drink is allowed in the Arena, and attendees must be 6 years of age or older. Tickets are limited, so make sure to secure yours fast. If you want to attend both days, you’ll need to buy two tickets.


If you’re coming in from out of town, take advantage of our event-specific discount at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel.


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