Peter Whalen on Witchwood, Tournaments, Arena - The Angry Chicken #262

Peter Whalen on Witchwood, Tournaments, Arena - The Angry Chicken #262

Last week, Hearthstone's Peter Whalen guested on The Angry Chicken to talk about many things Hearthstone. Here's some highlights of what he had to say.

  • There are no plans to make the arena more competitive.
  • There is one person who does data analytics for the arena, which contributes to the micro-adjustments.
  • They don't know the best way to get all the arena offering odds data out there.
  • "Do we just give you guys a spreadsheet? Is that useful? Is that confusing? How do we do that without costing a bunch of dev resources?"
  • Tournament mode won't be launched with a bans feature.
  • Peter thinks it would be best for players to play tournament mode before giving feedback.
  • Their ultimate goal is for every class to have fun archetypes to play that you can be excited about and feel good about playing.

Watch episode #262 of The Angry Chicken below! You can find previous episodes over on their YouTube channel and you can give the cast a follow over on @TACPodcast on Twitter. You can also find the gang over on Patreon

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