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Naxxramas to Have a Reason to be Played Again

Not much on Naxxramas as of late, however, Zeriyah was out on the forums this afternoon and said there would at least be a reason for us to play Naxxramas again after acquiring the cards. Does the cards mean both normal and golden versions, or will the golden cards be part of that reward? We're looking forward to the answer.

Quote from Zeriyah

There will be a reason to replay Naxx content once you've acquired the cards - more information on that will be available at a later time.

Top 5 Plays of the Week

Giantkiller has returned with another episode of Top 5 Plays this week featuring plays from YamatoHD, Dol1k, James, Cheape, and Hysteria.

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This Week in Tournaments

Some great events will be happening this week, so if you're wanting to play some competitive Hearthstone, here's your chance! If you're not sure on your deck, you can always give our deck search / listing a try! Best of luck to everyone competing this week.

Quote from Keganbe

Wednesday, July 9
SoulFire Wednesday #6
National ESL Pre Season Cup #44

Saturday, July 12
*ZOTAC Hearthstone NA Cup #24
**ZOTAC Hearthstone EU Cup #24
Topdeck EU #29
SoulFire Saturday #7

Sunday, July 13
*National ESL Pre Season Cup #45
**Tt eSPORTS Summer Challenge Cup #7

*The winner may qualify for a spot in the Americas Qualifier Tournament!
**The winner may qualify for a spot in the European Qualifier Tournament!



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