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Ranked Season 3 Begins

The ladder has been reset and a brand new card back is available for acquiring this season! The Rainbow card back, as seen below, is available as a ranked participation reward to all players who get to rank 20 and above during Season 3. So what are you waiting for, launch Hearthstone and go win some games. If you're in need of new decks to test out this season, hit up our Top Decks to see some of the greatest decks from the past week.

This Week in Review

Good news everyone! Only three more Naxxramas class cards to go with this past week's announcement of the Mage card, Duplicate.

Popular Decks


  • The Mage Naxxramas card has been revealed! Duplicate is a secret which activates upon friendly minion death and will give you two copies of that card in your hand. A solo Leeroy Jenkins on the field just got a lot more scary!
  • Sapperwix posted an update on iPad performance issues which contains some potential workarounds for short-term improvements while they work to improve performance.


Noxious' Naxx Card Talk: Duplicate

Noxious uploaded a video discussing the recently revealed Mage card from the Naxxramas Adventure, Duplicate. For a full list of the currently released Naxxramas cards, check them out here.

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