Hearthstone News from Blizzard HQ

 Jaina Proudmoore Tutorial Voiceovers, Fireside Chat #2
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Hearthstone News from Blizzard HQ

Blizzard held the 2013 Fansite Mixer today at their headquarters in Irvine, California. We spoke with the Hearthstone developers during a Q&A session and have some things to share with you.


  • There is a tutorial that uses Jaina as the player's hero. After the tutorial, players will start out with Jaina as their main deck.
  • More decks (classes) will be unlocked as they play Jaina and the other heroes.
  • Players will be given daily quests that they can complete to earn rewards.
  • A concede option is available for players who want to forfeit a duel.
  • There will be some cross promotion with World of Warcraft. The "mtg genre" is a genre that hasn't gotten the love it deserves.
  • The game will be fully localized in different regions. 
  • Devs want to put in stuff the community think is right for the game (Examples: 2v2, Spectator mode)
  • There is interest in supporting a Hearthstone esport based on how the community wants to see it.
  • Aside from being free to play, the game is a small download which makes getting into it easy.
  • Possibility of cosmetic options for microtransactions.
  • Pushing for players to play multiplayer instead of single player. Daily quests to defeat opponents will help.
  • In-game card searching will be filtered by keywords
  • Dev team consists of mixed levels of TCG experience.
  • Small team size is a communication asset.


  • Both ranked and unranked gameplay will be made available.
  • Players competing in ranked gameplay will receive medals to denote their skill level.
  • Achievements will be earnable in ranked gameplay.
  • Matchmaking will be based on a hidden matchmaking rating and not the cards in ones deck.
  • It's possible to be competitive with all the common cards. In playtesting, lots of people at the high end aren't using many expert cards.

Game Progression

  • Progression will be iterated upon in the future, currently serves as a means to give players basic cards.
  • Lots of unused Warcraft lore and content that is yet to be used.
  • Expect to see Warcraft lore from both the past and the future in card decisions.
  • Post-launch development cycle will be based upon community feedback.
  • Funding isn't important as Blizzard has many other successful projects. Key focus is the quality of the game. Blizzard core philosophy "Making the best game ever".


  • Gold is the primary currency of Hearthstone.
  • Will be used to purchase packs of cards and will be the entry fee for entering the forge
  • Primarily earned through the completion of daily quests.


  • Golden Cards are getting tweaked. They will have colored banners for each class.
  • Golden Cards will have specular highlights and will interact with the environment.
  • Changes will be made to cards only if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Do not want to ban cards from play, they would rather modify them
  • Expert cards will be available through booster packs which are purchased with gold.
  • Basic cards will be earned through leveling your hero up and playing the tutorials
  • Players may create a maximum of nine decks.


Not too much was said about the forge, but they did reinforce there will be information about it coming soon.

  • Players will buy into the forge using gold.
  • Players will likely not be keeping the cards they build in a forge deck. There is conflict between playing in the forge or opening packs for card acquisition.
  • They want players to compete in the forge, not just use it as a less random card selector.
  • They expect the forge to fill a niche, but want to make it accessible for people who would otherwise glance over it.
  • It's not expected that players instantly jump into the forge.

iPad / Tablet Support

  • Support for iPad versions 2 and over is planned along with the iPad Mini.
  • iPad version of Hearthstone is currently very well developed.
  • Finalizations are being made to get cross platform battle.net integration.
  • Focus being put onto a dynamic backend to allow for easy exploration of other platforms.

Fireside Chat #2

We had a live chat with CrsJames and Liam (HSPlayers) who were on-site at the Blizzard HQ today to discuss the Q&A session. The show was cut short, but if you'd like to hear about their gameplay experiences, be sure to check it out. We will have a normal podcast next week once everyone is back in the comfort of their basements.



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