New Site Updates, Dream Cards, Info on Mission Cards and the Tutorial, Top 10 New Ability Cards

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New Site Features and Updates

Hearthpwn has only been out for one day, and we already have round two of improvements ready for you all. 

Deck Builder

  • Only usable cards can be selected - We have filtered out every token and mission card from the deck builder. If you find any more odd cards, please feel free to report them below.
  • More Filters - We have added filters for all the card mechanics while building a deck, making it that much easier for you to find the card you want!
  • Search bar now searches card info as well - The search bar in the deck builder now searches beyond card names, and can grab any text from the card, making it that much easier to find cards you want to use!
  • You can now view "my decks", and decks of other members via their profile -  Going to the profile of any member and clicking "Decks" will bring up a list of decks made by that user. You can then check them out, upvote them, comment, and more!
  • Edit your decks -  You can now edit your decks, either by going to the deck page, or to your profile and clicking "edit"

Cards and Card Database

  • All card graphics are here - We have fixed the issue with card graphics, and now all cards (like fireball) have the full graphic on the card, enjoy!
  • View cards by the same artist - When you go to a card page, you now have the option to view every other card made by the same artist!
  • New "Usable by all classes" filter - Added a new filter when viewing the card database that only shows cards that may be used by all heroes.

Dream Cards

After Ysera was announced, many wondered what the dream cards could be. As of this time, there appear to be 5 cards tagged with the "Dream" class. Keep in mind this is an early build. These cards can change, and they could even add more. Phenteo also had a little something to add about the dream cards today as well.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Ummm....according to Phento there is an entire DECK of dream cards you draw from when you play Yesra. I dont think its limited to just those 5 cards.
If you play Ysera, at the end of your turn you will get a dream card chosen at random from however many dream cards there are. This is how it currently works so I can't promise that this is how Ysera will stay.

Edit: Updated to clarify.

Mission Cards and the Tutorial

A lot of users noticed a new set in the cards we introduced yesterday. This set being the "Mission" set which can be found here. It looks like most of these cards are tied to the tutorial. From the various dialog that we will see in game, it is clear some of these are tied to events. For example, while playing against "Mukla" Jaina at some point says "Is that all you've got, Mukla? Just barrels?" as well as "Why are these monkeys throwing bananas at me?"

From the above, it looks to be tied to the following cards: BananasBarrelBarrel TossCrazy Monkey, and Hidden Gnome just from this alone. As you read more quotes, it becomes easier to tie more cards from this set to the tutorial. [Also note: that there are two versions of "Bananas". The "Expert" version has less text while the "Mission" one is noob friendly.

The Tutorial Dialog

From below, it is clear that you will play as Jaina Proudmoore, and will play against Hemet Nesingwary, Lorewalker Cho, Illidan, Millhouse Manastorm, Hogger, and Mukla.

Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 4 Tutorial 5 Tutorial 6
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_01 *laughter*
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_02 *snort*
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_04 ha ha ha! Rawrr.
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_05 hehehehahaha!
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_06 hehehehoohoohoo!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_01 Bring it on!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_02 I need some minions to fight for me.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_04 You'll regret that!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_05 Excellent.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_06 Ha! Another minion, just what I needed.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_07 I've got you right where I want you.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_09 Ha! Now go for the throat!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_10 5 Attack? That thing is huge!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_13 Back to the Stockades with you, Hogger.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_15 Ha! My minion survived!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_16 I'm coming for you next, Hogger!
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_17 Hmm... should I attack a Gnoll, or Hogger himself?
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_18 I can kill this Massive Gnoll, or go for his master.
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_19 A SPELL card! It can only be used once, so I better make it count...
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_20 Well, at least he didn't play a card this turn...
TUTORIAL01_JAINA_21 Two cards? He must have been saving one.
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_03 *sigh* What?
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_04 I need to wait a turn for my mana to recharge.
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_05 I need more Mana before I can play that.
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_07 More cards! Excellent!
TUTORIAL02_JAINA_08 Ah. My mana has been restored.
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_01 Bwa? I wanted to go first!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_02 Jaina... prepare to face the mighty Millhouse Manastorm!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_03 What kind of minion is that? A murloc? Bahahahaha!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_04 Oh! Oh! This card is incredible!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_05 Just you wait until I get some more mana!!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_06 Jaina, I hope you like DOOOOOOM!!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_07 Another Mana! Here it comes!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_08 You know what this feels like?
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_10 Yeaaach! Watch the moustache!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_11 You're gonna love this!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_13 Just you wait until I have 10 mana!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_15 Hurry! I can't wait to play this card!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_16 C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_17 Stop attacking me! I'm trying to win this game!
TUTORIAL02_MILLHOUSE_19 You'll be hearing from my lawyers!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_01 Aren't you a pretty lass?
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_02 Eh? Nobody talks to ol' Hemet like that!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_03 Ha! I go first!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_04 You'll need it!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_06 Yer probably used to fightin' against minions.
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_08 A beast! I will make a trophy of it!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_09 I'll skin that beast! I need a new scarf.
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_10 Aye, thanks fer bringin' me a wee snack!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_11 Ahh, the hunt!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_12a That's no fair!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_12b Ah! Come on!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_13 Maybe I should go back to writing.
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_15 This reminds me of the time I was stalking the great tiger Bangalash.
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_16 Have you read me book, The Green Hills of Stranglethorn?
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_17 This would never have happened back in Stranglethorn!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_18 But you're just a wee scrap of a girl!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_19 Bow down before mah HUGE bog creature!
TUTORIAL04_HEMET_20 Shotgun!
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_01 Watch your tongue.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_02 But I get an extra card.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_03 I don't have any cards that cost 1 Mana.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_04 I have some tricks of my own, dwarf.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_05 Should I deal 1 damage to a minion, or Nesingwary?
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_08 One health? A perfect target.
TUTORIAL04_JAINA_09 I need to find a way to neutralize that thing.
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_01 You are NOT Prepared!! All of Illidan's lines are iconic from WoW, please use the same translation if possible.
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_02 Feel the hatred of ten thousand years!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_03 Stare into the eyes of the Betrayer!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_04 Who shall be next to taste my blades?
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_05 Behold the flames of Azzinoth!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_06 You know nothing of power!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_08 Behold the power of the demon within!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_09 I will not be touched by rabble such as you!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_10 Such arrogance!
TUTORIAL05_ILLIDAN_11 This will be fun!
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_01 I dunno, I just played five missions.
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_02 His Hero Power... it's so strong!
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_05 Focus on killing Illidan!
TUTORIAL05_JAINA_06 Delay is not an option! Finish him!
TUTORIAL06_CHO_01 Oh! Jaina! It's good to see you.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_02 Show me what you've learned.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_03 Good! Good!
TUTORIAL06_CHO_04 Oh! A clever play.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_05 War should be a last resort.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_06 Perhaps.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_07 Ah! You cannot reach me!
TUTORIAL06_CHO_08 Everyone looks so tiny from way up here!
TUTORIAL06_CHO_09 Even a single point of damage can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_12 Oh... You are quite powerful.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_15 I am not all that handy with swords or bows, but I do have many friends.
TUTORIAL06_CHO_17 I have made some new friends who can heal, as well as fight!
TUTORIAL06_CHO_20 You are very strong, Jaina!
TUTORIAL06_CHO_21 Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to an upset tummy.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_01 Lorewalker Cho.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_02 I will not hold back.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_03 You are naive, Lorewalker.
TUTORIAL06_JAINA_04 ...For now. After I destroy your troops, I'm coming for you!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_01 It's King Mukla! Get him while he's alone!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_05 Is that all you've got, Mukla? Just barrels?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_07 Kill that Ape so I can finish off Mukla!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_12 Do you hear something?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_13 What the?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_14 Why are these monkeys throwing bananas at me?
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_15 You crazy monkeys!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_16 He's too strong! Kill Mukla instead!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_17 I need a minion to Taunt that giant gorilla!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_18 I'm defenseless!
TUTORIAL03_JAINA_19 That thing is huge... but at least it doesn't have Taunt.

Top 10: New Hearthstone Cards - Abilities

Watch as CrsJames and Kevin go over the new ability cards that got released here on Hearthpwn yesterday. Make sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite ability cards are! [On a side note, with today's website patch, Ice Block now has working art!]

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