Funny and Lucky Moments 42, Tavern Takeover this Saturday, MG Tournament Decklists, NESL $500 Cup this Sunday

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Funny and Lucky Moments 42

Trolden is back with another episode of Funny and Lucky Moments! Episode 41 features clips from Bruno Metz, Dacyon IV, Diogo Teque, Krank, and RCS339.

Tavern Takeover this Saturday

PVP Live is holding an invitational tournament, Tavern Takeover, this Saturday at 4PM EDT over on the PVPLive Twitch Channel. Invitees will be competing for their share of the $3,000 USD prize pool! The following players have will be participating in the event.

Tavern Takeover Participants

We will have decklists from the event available afterwards for those who are interested so make sure you stay tuned!

MG Tournament Decklists

The latest decklists from ManaGrind's Limited Swiss tournaments are now available. The limited tournaments require participants to use decks which do not contain Legendary or Epic minions.

NA Limited
Ketchupmania Etchedchamp Plzbuffsham GNP_Cold
n.V Geistwraith [DKMR] Born Nuba Geo
EU Limited
DocX ModCounter SpudD Ireven
[2ndW]DerZerfetzer Wattsy Sc4rface Hit_Girl

NESL $500 Cup this Sunday

National ESL will be hosting their $500 Cup for the NA Hearthstone region this Sunday, May 11th starting at 6 PM EST. The NESL $500 Cup is a weekly NA event using a Best of 3 Single Elimination format up until the semi-finals, which it then changes into a best of 5. Players are expected to come prepared with multiple decks for the tournament as losing a game in a round means you have to retire your deck for that round. For more information on the event, check out the post on



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