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Hogger Tutorial Voiceovers

The award for the most hilarious voiceovers goes to Hogger. Just listen. Seriously.


TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_01 *laughter*
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_02 *snort*
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_04 ha ha ha! Rawrr.
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_05 hehehehahaha!
TUTORIAL01_HOGGER_06 hehehehoohoohoo!

Blue Posts

More card clarifications for everyone, rejoice!

Scavenging Hyena and AOE

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

If I have Scavenging Hyena as well as other beasts in play and the enemy hero casts an AOE spell like Consecration that kills them, will Scavenging Hyena gain the extra stats from the other dead beasts before it is hit or will it die at the same time as my other minions?
Currently, everything will die and the Hyena will not receive the buff.

Molten Giant, the Forgetful

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The card test says: "Costs (1) less for each damage your hero has taken." Now if you read that with zero interpretation it actually means that any time you're hero takes damage whatsoever will cause the cost of Molten Giant to be less equal to that damage. No where on the card does it say that damage has to stay on your hero . . .
Molten Giants don't "remember" damage that is taken, then healed, then taken again. Their cost is in relation to your current health to your max health, whatever that may be.

If you've taken 20 damage, Molten Giant costs 0.

If you've taken 20 damage and healed 5 of it, putting you at 15 life, Molten Giant costs 5 to play.

If you've taken 29 damage and somehow healed back up to 30, Molten Giant still costs 20 to play.

Further Card Clarifications

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

If I return a Healing Totem to my hand with a Brewmaster, and then use my Totemic Call to summon a new totem, is healing totem excluded from the possible outcomes or not?
No, it won't be excluded. It will be if it is in play.

If I Vaporize a minion, does it still get to deal damage?
No, it will die before the damage is dealt.

If i play Ancestral Spirit on Cairne Bloodhoof and he dies, did i get Baine Bloodhoof and Cairne Bloodhoof WITH his normal Deathreattle effect?
Yes, you will get Cairne back with his Deathrattle effect and a Baine as well.

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