The Witchwood - Week 1 & 2 Card Reveal Schedule

The Witchwood - Week 1 & 2 Card Reveal Schedule

The card reveal schedule returns for The Witchwood! The first and second week's schedule is up and we'll be here as usual to cover all the awesome reveals.

  • We'll have countdowns each day to let you know when to check back for new cards.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be notified when new cards go live.

It should be noted that there are 55 reveals listed below and we've currently seen 10 cards. Additional cards will be shown during the stream on the 26th.

Here are all the card names we're going to see revealed over the next two weeks. This table matches the one below with images.

Muck Hunter Lord Godfrey Hunting Mastiff Forest Guide
Wanted Scaleworm Vex Crow Blackwald Pixie
Coffin Crasher Darius Crowley Emeriss Ravencaller
Sound the Bells Cheap Shot Blackhowl Gun Turret Lady In White
Cursed Castaway Chameleos Duskhaven Hunter Toxmonger
Witching Hour Cathedral Gargoyal (sp?) Woodcutter's Axe Deadly Arsenal
Witches Cauldron      
Wing Blast Holy Water Duskfaller Avian Spectral Cutlass
Bogshaper Blood Witch Deathweb Spider Duskbat
Dire Frenzy Swift Messenger Dollmaster Dorian Voodoo Doll
Splintergraft Toki Mistwraith Bellringer Sentry
The Crystal Knight Worgen Abomination Town Crier Totem Cruncher
Countess Ashmore Book Of Specters Mossy Horror Archmage Arugal
Bonfire Elemental Arcane Keysmith Witchwood Piper Druid of the Scythe
Bewitched Guardian Paragon of Light    

Blog Post

Quote from Blizzard

The Worgen aren’t the only hunters in Gilneas! Members of the Hearthstone community are tracking down card reveals to share with you before The  Witchwood expansion arrives!

Learn more of what awaits you in The Witchwood from esteemed members of the community via Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Each image below represents a card. Check out the days and times listed, and click an image to portal directly to the associated channel.

We’ll be kicking off the festivities on March 26 at 11:00 a.m. PDT with a card reveal livestream on the official Hearthstone channel. Press and members of the community will begin revealing cards the same day!

0327_MuckHunter.jpg 0327_LordGodfrey.jpg 0327_HuntingMastiff.jpg 0327_ForestGuide.jpg
0327_Wanted.jpg 0328_Scaleworm.jpg 0328_VexCrow.jpg 0328_BlackwaldPixie.jpg
0328_CoffinCrasher.jpg 0328_DariusCrowley.jpg 0329_Emeriss.jpg 0329_Ravencaller.jpg
0329_SoundTheBells.jpg 0329_CheapShot.jpg 0329_BlackhowlGunTurret.jpg 0330_LadyInWhite.jpg
0330_CursedCastaway.jpg 0330_Chameleos.jpg 0330_DuskhavenHunter.jpg 0330_Toxmonger.jpg
0331_WitchingHour.jpg 0331_CathedralGargoyal.jpg 0401_WoodcuttersAxe.jpg 0401_DeadlyArsenal.jpg
0402_WingBlast.jpg 0402_HolyWater.jpg 0402_DuskfallenAvian.jpg 0402_SpectralCutlass.jpg
0402_Bogshaper.jpg 0403_BloodWitch.jpg 0403_DeathwebSpider.jpg 0403_Duskbat.jpg
0403_DireFrenzy.jpg 0403_SwiftMessenger.jpg 0403_DollmasterDorian.jpg 0404_VoodooDoll.jpg
0404_Splintergraft.jpg 0404_Toki.jpg 0404_Mistwraith.jpg 0404_BellringerSentry.jpg
0405_TheCrystalKnight.jpg 0405_WorgenAbombination.jpg 0405_TownCrier.jpg 0405_TotemCruncher.jpg
0405_CountessAshmore.jpg 0406_BookOfSpecters.jpg 0406_MossyHorror.jpg 0406_ArchmageArugal.jpg
0407_BonfireElemental.jpg 0407_ArcaneKeysmith.jpg 0407_WitchwoodPiper.jpg 0408_DruidOfTheScythe.jpg
0408_BewitchedGuardian.jpg 0408_ParagonOfLight.jpg


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